in force.

His body was reflected in the sky, huge, like a luminous god. He stretched out a big hand and grabbed it directly towards the ground of Corning City.
“Wang Xuan? Stop it!” Someone from the Sun family shouted in fear. They took off the spacecraft and used all feasible means to shout to Wang Xuan.
However, when a spaceship approached, it was grabbed by that big hand and turned into steel fragments, flowing down from the fingertips of the Dharma body.
/“Wang Xuan, please allow us to explain!”
The big hands were slowly approaching, creating a terrible sense of oppression, ignoring their shouts.
“You are so reckless and want to kill us. Don’t blame us for killing us. Warships from all over the country will be dispatched together, causing you to lose your relatives and friends. You can’t save everyone!” Someone roared and threatened in despair.
“Are you worthy?” Wang Xuan stood high in the sky, looking down. The person who had just threatened was shattered on the spot.
Some people in the Sun family were panicked and angry, desperate and physically cold. Some people in particular were frightened because the last incident was related to them.
No one responded to him, and he couldn’t be contacted at all. Then he floated on his own, and with a bang, he turned into broken bones and rain of blood in mid-air.
“If you have anything to say, Wang Dixian, maybe there is some misunderstanding between us. In this era, there is nothing that cannot be discussed. Beating and killing were the old ways of resolving disputes more than a hundred years ago. It is very inhumane.”
As soon as a middle-aged man said this, he disintegrated and turned into a rain of blood.
/The people of the Sun family secretly called, but all the fleets that could attack the old land lost contact on the same day, and there was no way to pose a threat.
At the moment, a mechanical bear is happily taking people to receive ships of various types. Along with them are Lele, as well as members of Chen Yongjie and Aoki’s Secret Road Organization.
Not only that, the Sun family discovered that the warships cruising in the outer space of the new star could not be contacted, and everyone turned pale.
Wang Xuan stood in the sky, and the sky was filled with divine light. When a , the powerful light of the soul had already swept across to determine who had strong hostility.
As for women and children, those who were ignorant, and those who were only fearful but not malicious, he let them go regardless of their status.
Some people’s bodies flew upside down, crackling, “playing back” like dumplings being dropped, flying towards the big hand in mid-air, and then they were violently grabbed, and with a pop, they were all destroyed physically and mentally.
The Sun family occupies a very large area, and some small and medium-sized warships opened fire, but they were all caught in the air and turned into scrap metal.
This kind of unstoppable scene has shocked all the Xinxing camps, and the top management of various organizations have their hair standing on end