t. He had seen it before and had crossed paths with this person in the Time and Space Bar.

“Old Mu!”
However, compared with the short-haired young man with earrings and nose piercings in the Time and Space Bar, the image and temperament of the current Lao Mu are too cold.
/At that time, Fang Yuzhu once told him that Lao Mu was the younger brother of the Demon Emperor. His ear studs, nose studs, and eyebrow studs were all in pursuit of the Divine Flag. He claimed that the three nails could determine time and space and could quickly kill the most powerful man.
In the past, the host of the Time and Space Bar, a transcendent person who disappeared from the fairy world for more than two thousand years, now came with hostility and obtained the life pool.
“The shadow couple, Yan Mingcheng and Bai Jingshu, escaped from the fairy world and on their way back to the human world from the spiritual world, they killed my senior brother the Demon Emperor. They regard you as their son-in-law, right? I will kill you to claim for my senior brother first. A blood debt!” Mu Qing said coldly.
In the distance, at the lunar observatory, both the immortals and the gods were quite shocked that Mu Qing, the peerless person, had actually obtained the treasure.
“I remembered, this is a big-shot figure, the peerless Mu Qing!” Zhou Yaosheng finally remembered who this was.
Li Tianxian added: “It’s actually him. Everyone, do you understand his status? The Demon Emperor can be compared with the ancient emperors. This Mu Qing is only stronger than the Demon Emperor. His talent was too strong back then, and the curtain was closed. When it was extinguished, he disappeared more than two thousand years ago and returned to the present world a long time ago, and he was ridiculously strong!”
New Stars, Old Lands, and all over the universe, everyone who heard Mu Qing’s name felt like they were going to explode because this powerful man had reappeared.
“Where is the Book of Time?” Mu Qing asked indifferently.
“Are you convinced of me?” Wang Xuan looked at him calmly. No matter how strong the Demon Emperor and Mu Qing were, what could they do? Can they compare to Shang Yi?
“It’s done!” There was a flash of light, and someone behind Wang Xuan spoke, and the two originators of Chen Emperor Palace and Chao Jue Palace blocked the way back.
“Another treasure, the strongest from the land of immortality and the land of gods have come together!” Li Tianxian’s voice was trembling. He no longer needed to incite him. Even ordinary people understood what the arrival of these two people meant.
The two great treasures of Life Pond and Xiaoyao Zhou were born at the same time. Someone wants to kill Wang Dixian and leaves no way for them to survive. It is useless for anyone to come now.
“Wang Xuan!” Zhao Qinghan’s voice trembled, and the hearts of Chen Yongjie, Lao Zhong and others also completely sank.
“Under this situation, is Wang Xuan destined to fail and unable to reverse the situation?” A host guided the topic and cooperated with the special guests.