nd blood of a group of people who were suspected to be aliens or even true saints, but it was always difficult to “get on the road”. Yu Dao Transformation The texture is too harsh.

“You are actually going to succeed.” Wang Xuan said, the textures in his eyes were intertwined. He used his spiritual eyes and saw a piece of flesh and blood on the opponent’s body, which was somewhat abnormal.
“Ah, the dawn is finally coming? Please give me some advice.” Lu couldn’t be surprised. He also recently felt that his own flesh and blood was full of vitality. He kept trying to catalyze it and tried hard to visualize, but he always remained in the original state.
“The true immortal takes the road of becoming a Taoist. Limited by his Taoism and foundation, he can only flow on the surface. His texture is hidden in the flesh and blood, so it is difficult to erupt.”
/Wang Xuan saw the essence of the problem at a glance. It was simply unrealistic to think of it being rooted in bones or flesh and blood. He had such a strong foundation, but when he first became a Taoist, it was superficial.
Later, he continued to comprehend, and his origin was further nourished and strengthened. Only then did the world change, and those textures were truly born on the bones.
“But you seem to have the texture of Yudao that is rooted in the flesh.” Lu Feng was very respectful to him. The master is a teacher, and he asks for advice as a disciple.
“I am a little special.” Wang Xuan said. Some factors cannot be copied. He penetrated the life soil and found an inexhaustible source of extraordinary things.
He had told acquaintances about that kind of origin place, but they were unable to manifest it, and they could not open up the world behind the land of fate.
After coming to the world of Chaoren Central, although he was also exploring the back of his life, he was now more interested in his own body and spirit.
Because, he is not sure whether those source worlds can ultimately be relied on forever.
/He will not give up, but it is also his pursuit to get closer to the treasure and transform his whole body into a royal master, because when this path reaches its extreme, it is certain that he can even use the power of chaos.
At that level, there is truly no fear of extraordinary depletion and mythological decay. Any energy or material can be turned into extraordinary power, mobilized and utilized by oneself.
In particular, the time when Wang Xuan and several treasures joined forces to fight against the Dark Heart of Heaven touched him so much that Xiaoyao Zhou and Life Pond were almost destroyed.
In the battle that day, Dark Sky Heart was just a broken body. It had just been reorganized and was still far from being completely healed. It was also incomplete, with a piece missing.
But it is still so powerful, mainly because it can mobilize the power of chaos and still has a dominant force in the exhausted universe.
If it rests for a while and the cracks on its body completely disappear, then it will probably be no more troublesome than Wang Xuan and Y