he wanted to “sharpen” himself, and then he cleanly penetrated a vicious ape from the Gibbon Ape Clan and two “foreign monsters” from the Mountain Outer Clan.

The Gibbon God Ape Clan was moved. They just discovered that this was a six-eyed golden cicada, a strange species among the top demon clan, with six eyes and six wings, and its lethality was astonishing.
Jin Ming shook the enemy’s blood from his cicada wings and exited calmly. This rough man was very emotional. In the end, he still went to fight for Zhong Xiao. After three battles, he didn’t want to fight anymore.
At this time, some young men and women from the Gibbon Ape Tribe came to a mysterious woman. They seemed to be transmitting messages secretly. With respect and some restraint, they unanimously asked her to take action.
Today, they did not get any advantage in the Black Peacock Holy Mountain. If the achievements of the outer demon Kong Xuan are included, they were actually defeated.
For the Gibbon Ape Tribe, which had defeated four powerful tribes in a row, this time was a big blow.
Finally, the woman came out. She was indeed very mysterious. She was not from the Gibbon Clan. She calmly looked at the talented ones among the Black Peacocks who could still fight, and said: “All of you, come together. ”
The majestic palaces, thick stone pillars, and reliefs reflect the vicissitudes of time, telling the story of the tragic events of the past era when various races fought for crossing the sea and the universe.
The woman is tall and tall, with long blue hair, an oval face, very long eyelashes, and very deep black pupils. Looking at her makes your heart sink.
She was wearing a blue dress, with obvious figure curves, skin as white as ivory, and a very beautiful face, with a slightly pointed chin, big eyes, and bright red lips.
Although it was just one sentence, she successfully aroused everyone’s emotions, and the geniuses of the Black Peacock clan were extremely angry.
Just one person, looking down upon a generation of Black Peacocks, and a powerful ethnic group in the sea of ??stars?
A group of people were agitated. This was really unbearable.
/The Gibbon Ape tribe also had violent mood swings, but they were happy. The woman stood up and singled out everyone in Black Peacock’s generation. Many people’s eyes were fiery and they were looking forward to it.
Even Yuan Sheng, who was severely injured, sat up and waited for the woman to show her extraordinary skills.
“What is she talking about? This is the ancestral land of our clan, the highest holy mountain, and she, an outsider, dares to let all of us go there together?!” A black peacock fairy was indignant.
Above the main hall, the Great Elder Qing Cang looked down, doubting the identity of the woman in blue.
“Could this girl be the lost sister of the Second King, or her cousin?” Wolverine couldn’t help but speak, and looked again and again. There was nothing wrong with the woman’s face, but she was very confident and had a restrained strength.
The young man Langtian was also observing. He ha