on this sacred land, feeling amazed by everything he looked at.

The whole land seemed to be glowing, the extraordinary factors were too strong, the lakes were steaming with fairy energy, there were swarms of spiritual fish inside, the cliffs were crystal clear, and there were strange orchid grasses growing on them.
The majestic mountains are filled with steaming clouds and rosy clouds, and the fairy family is full of charm, but what is that flying by? A battleship seems to have a wrong style.
/However, when they walked out of this natural area, they were no longer surprised, because what they saw was a modern city, not an ancient one.
/The six-eyed golden cicada said: “Except for some old guys’ retreats, which are antique, such as copper palaces or thatched huts, young people like modern cities with caves, which are livable and comfortable.”
Such words directly caused several old peacocks nearby to glare at him fiercely.
The wild fairy wolverine was not much stronger than his son. He looked back and said suspiciously: “Is this the back of the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain? You can’t see it at all now.”
Luo Ying smiled and said: “One body and two sides is just a metaphor. You can understand that it is behind the holy mountain, or you can think that it has crossed the border and is far farther away than hundreds of millions of miles apart.”
Chen Yu, who had grown up with her since childhood, was very familiar with wolverines and spoke without any scruples, saying: “A wild fairy like you should have been registered and sent to the fairy world long ago.”
“I’m not a murderer!” Wolverine said.
“You are wanted in another identity!” Chen Yu said unceremoniously.
“You know all this?” Wolverine was shocked and immediately said: “I have been wronged, and my heart is suffering!”
“Forget it, who didn’t click ‘past’? If we really want to be honest, the situation of your two kings of Five Elements Mountain is even more serious.” Liu-Eyed Jin Chan said.
“Why did you pull it on me?” Wang Xuan looked like a little white flower.
Luo Ying pouted and said, “Don’t be so white.”
Wolverine Wu Xingtian became more energetic and asked: “What’s wrong with the second king of my family? What earth-shattering case has he committed? What kind of extraordinary foundation is there? Is it serious?”
“Dad, why are you turning your elbows outward? My second father and I have decided to banish you from Five Elements Mountain!” Young Wolf Tian said with a smile.
“Kong Xuan, there is no such person in the investigation, do you think it’s serious?” Luo Ying said, her long skirt was dusty, her temperament was cold, but now she was smiling. It was obvious that although the Peacock clan had checked, they didn’t care.
Kong Xuan has extraordinary strength. The most important thing is that he passed the “Zhao Xin Wall” and Chuan Gong Mountain’s character test, and he has good intentions and no evil intentions towards the Black Peacock clan. Moreover, he tried his best in the confrontation with the Gibbons.
“There is a history from now on. You are