here, and they are all very high.

There were many people gathered in front of me. The stall was very large and very popular, and at the same time, I could feel a strong radiating energy from a long distance away.
“Huh?” Wang Xuan’s heart moved, and he took a deep breath. There were some strange factors in these mottled radioactive materials that were actually very attractive to him.
To be precise, it was because he was tempted by the operation route of the “Galaxy Body Cleansing Sutra” that he practiced.
At this time, stars were shining in his cells and the scriptures were running by themselves.
“Go over and take a look.” This time he took the initiative and approached the stall.
“Those who sell mineral materials are a specialty of the Luofu Star Territory. There are many fairy mines in that star field, and the mining sites are densely packed. The radioactive fairy materials produced are also diverse, with all kinds of qualities and types.”
Xiong Shan from the Black and White Bear Tribe said that he knew a lot about it and was very interested in it because his people once bought feathered golden bamboo. Although it had been buried in the mine for a long time and turned into crystallized golden bamboo material, it still has a lot of effect on them. A large attraction force can extract certain substances.
He was moved. If he found a pile of mineral materials that contained rich starlight and practiced the “Galaxy Body Washing Sutra”, he might be able to pass the test very quickly.
He was frightened. The moment he opened his spiritual eyes, he saw some extraordinary things. This place was quite extraordinary. Although these were all obvious information, they also had something else and were of astonishing value.
There are traces of blood in some of the starlight clusters. Is that the blood of a stranger? Very unusual, no small matter!
“Everyone, these are the best of the rare minerals. Don’t miss them when you pass by.” The stall owner shouted.
Wang Xuan and his group naturally gathered around. He looked carefully and found that these radioactive materials were indeed amazing. If he found the right thing, his own “Galaxy Body Washing Sutra” would probably break through, which also meant that his own realm would improve.
“Are you fellow Daoist Kong Xuan?” At this time, a man in gray clothes came over, smiling and greeting Wang Xuan cheerfully.
/Wang Xuan was surprised and didn’t recognize him, but he still nodded and said, “It’s me. Who are you?”
/“Haha, it is indeed Brother Kong. He is a talented person, majestic, and has Dao charm all over his body. He is worthy of being the most powerful immortal who has risen recently.” The man in gray complimented him when he came up, with a smile on his face, and asked him to introduce himself. He came from the Bronze Giant The palace is named Gu Ming.
Wang Xuan was puzzled as to why he came to the door despite not having any contact with him.
The man in gray said Gu Ming: “That’s it. The Bronze Giant Palace sincerely invites geniuses from all walks of life to compet