re spotted and taken away, you will definitely become a stranger!” Xuantian revealed the essence.

However, Wang Xuan is not very interested and has strong confidence in becoming a stranger. He doesn’t want to get under the nose of the true saint yet.
“The rumor is that this time it may be a strange person coming to the world, or it may be a noble girl coming out.” Heihe secretly transmitted the message, and their news was so well-informed.
Obviously, the higher-ups of their camp had passed on some information to them, otherwise a few people would not have been able to access such secrets.
Wang Xuan nodded, indicating that he was listening carefully, but he was not convinced. He was making an evaluation.
If he appeared as the second king of Five Elements Mountain, in terms of strength alone, could he successfully break the so-called noble lady’s head with a mace and a big stick?
If the Hunyuan body were to compete, could he successfully suppress young people of the same level who came from the outside world? Can he fight one, two, or more by himself?
It was impossible for them to bring up the matter of the True Saint Dao Tradition over and over again. They were very afraid and would simply talk about it and then move on.
/Various delicacies were served, and a dedicated person introduced them to the exotic birds nesting in the clouds, the seven-color divine fish raised in the extraordinary rainbow, and the pickled Tianlong legs from the previous era.
Some delicacies are really good, but are some cross-era meats considered premium zombie meat? Wang Xuan didn’t really want to use his chopsticks.
At the wine table, Yuan Sheng repeatedly praised Lu Renjia for being born empty-handed and possessing a true immortal spirit. Then, as expected, he mentioned Kong Xuan.
Of course, he didn’t change the topic abruptly, but naturally, leading it from the battle in the Bronze Giant Palace.
“To be honest, this Kong Xuan doesn’t have any Xian family charm at all. He looks like a ferocious bandit, a mountain king, a tyrant, and a villain!” This is Yuan Sheng’s evaluation.
It belongs to your second uncle! Wang Xuan glanced at him and wanted to put his finger on his nose. Can you scold me like this in front of me?
/“In my eyes, Brother Lu is stronger than Kong Xuan!” Yuan Sheng said.
Wang Xuan was humble and said: “I don’t have any achievements. Don’t say such things in the future.”
In fact, after Lu Renjia entered the city, he attracted a lot of attention and many people were talking about it. Some people were indeed questioning his strength.
“Is Lu Renjia that powerful? Some people compare him to Kong Xuan. Is that too much? I’m not saying that either Kong Xuan or Nie Qing can kill him as long as they stand up.”
Someone retorted: “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. Do you know who Lu Renjia fought against in the foreign sea and rose to prominence? Zhuo Yanran, a well-known master in the heavenly level, has her name in the golden book and jade book. She has experienced it many years ago. It’s an old thing, but