“It’s Duke Arthur!” The tone of the president over there became a little solemn.

“Do you know Duke Arthur?” General Manager Cushing asked quickly. He knew that the president did not care about Tianchuang Data’s operations because the president was a high-level official of the federal government.
“Duke Arthur just killed an extraordinary servant of the government and received a large sum of compensation. This transaction has made the whole company keep silent!” the president ordered helplessly.
Over there, Duke Arthur received 2.2 billion credit points from the government’s Hart Chaofan, but turned around and used the credit points in his company. This kind of thing would definitely be a big trouble if the government knew about it.
Hart’s extraordinary friend would not have the guts to trouble Duke Arthur, and his anger would probably be turned on him.
When David returned to the embassy, ??the space pendant contained a large number of seeds worth 100 million, which McCracken accompanied him to purchase.
Ten military hover vehicles escorted David to the entrance of the embassy before leaving. Being accompanied by these military personnel saved him a lot of time.
“Duke Arthur, you are back!” Ambassador Cumming seemed to be waiting for David. When he saw David, he immediately stood up and bowed.
“Ambassador Cumming, I am not delaying things, right?” David asked with a smile.
He didn’t receive Ambassador Cumming’s schedule on his ID bracelet, but he knew it.
“Originally, both the military and the government were interested in meeting with you, but they all canceled the meeting arrangements!” Ambassador Cumming said with a wry smile.
The meeting with Duke Arthur had a preliminary intention before David prepared to come to the origin of the Interstellar Federation.
But when Ambassador Cumming contacted the military and government today, the results he received were extremely vague, which made him extremely puzzled.
After thinking about it, the only possibility is that something unexpected happened while Duke Arthur was out, which affected the military and government.
/So Ambassador Cumming is waiting for Duke Arthur here, wanting to know what happened so that he can take appropriate countermeasures.
“It’s okay to cancel, so I’ll have more than ten days to myself!” David said with a smile and waved his hand.
/David himself was from the Interstellar Federation and knew as much about the Interstellar Federation as Ambassador Cumming. He had just killed the extraordinary minister of the government, so how could the government and the military arrange a meeting with him.
This was David’s deliberate cruelty to buy himself some time.
“Did something happen to you today?” Ambassador Cumming saw that David did not take the initiative to say anything, so he stopped beating around the bush and asked directly.
“I encountered a black shop today and wanted to rob me of my belongings. I killed a transcendent and several soldiers!” David said truthfully.
Even if he doesn’t say anything, I believe it won’t be long before hi