al way was intertwined, trying to fully cover the woman.

“Wu, he shouldn’t be dead. I showed mercy and let him go on purpose. We are not enemies!” The woman screamed with her soul, extremely anxious.
/It would definitely be too late to speak with the mouth. Only the spirit could transmit the sound in an instant. She guessed that the other party was seeking revenge for Wu Lai.
Wang Xuan paused for a moment, then he locked the opponent’s intact shoulder and pressed his other hand on her head, ready to crush the entire head and soul at any time!
“What’s going on?” Wang Xuan stared at her.
Moreover, she quickly explained that she and Chang Ming were not from the same group, and originally came here to trap the fat sheep. However, she did not expect that the background of this sheep was too great, and she was temporarily trapped.
“Well, what are you talking about?” Wang Xuan was surprised.
“I come from an organization called ‘Shenyou’. They are all thieves, and they focus on robbing the rich to benefit themselves and the poor. This time I kicked the bucket because I didn’t know that Chang Ming came from the Yaotian Palace in an otherworldly place.” Maureen said .
Wang Xuan went directly to see her soul, but was met with fierce resistance.
She shouted: “You can’t do this. I really have no hostility towards you. I originally wanted to leave, but I never found a suitable excuse or opportunity.”
In an instant, Wang Xuan showed a strange look. He had met an acquaintance. To be precise, he had met a familiar organization. He was actually a member of the liar gang.
Later, Wang Xuan also interacted with this organization in the Meteor Sea.
A group of swindlers pretended to be the Paper Temple and the Tattoo Palace, and took away colorful exotic bamboos and other items on credit, defrauding merchants of a large number of rare items.
At that time, Wang Xuan transformed into the Golden Horn King, hit the fake tattoo palace heir on the head with a stick, and intercepted the five-color strange bamboo. At that time, the core heir of Jinque Palace did not know the situation and worked for the swindler. He became the scapegoat and was shot in the head by Wang Xuan with a stick.
“It’s that group of liars, how brave are you, targeting the True Saint Dojo?” Wang Xuan showed a strange expression.
The woman said sarcastically: “No, I am the only one who came to rob the rich this time. Unexpectedly, I encountered a ruthless man and got trapped. If I knew that he was from a foreign land, how could I take the risk alone?” ”
/Wang Xuan took off the big bow behind her and put it on his back.
“Careful!” Maureen exclaimed and quickly warned not to activate this bow.
“This is not my bow. It is a strange-level divine object brought out by Chang Ming. It has been refined by him a long time ago. Anyone who activates this bow can be sensed by him immediately, and he can use this bow to kill him. , it can not only shoot energy rune arrows, but it is also a powerful killing weapon.”
Generally speaking, the trapped woman is a bow bearer and