ons are violent and resonate with the texture on the bulkhead.

Who are you looking down on if you do such a thing in front of him?
A piece of blood splashed, and the sharp fishing hook pierced a person. The parietal bone and blood flew together, and the soul was separated from the body, and then completely shattered in the void.
Wang Xuan said: “This is a karma fishing rod. Are you calling for help? If you want to come here to kill me, your karma is too big. Whoever touches it will die.”
He will not be lenient at all. These people are destined to be enemies. If he has any sympathy, he will only be harmed in the end.
In fact, after his mental eye mutated, not only did he see that their movements seemed to slow down, but he was also able to intercept some fluctuations in mental fragments, and he felt all kinds of malice.
Such hostility made him feel less psychologically burdened. He was ready to go on a killing spree and would not let anyone go.
Of course, the purple-haired woman is his primary target, and he will never let her go today. No matter what her status is, she will not be killed even if she is the granddaughter of the True Saint.
The purple-haired woman said: “How are you so far today? You and I both come from the True Saint Dojo, and there is a supreme being behind us. If we confront each other like this, the consequences will be unpredictable. The two avenues of Huaguoshan and Guixu There is no conflict in the field, but if this leads to a confrontation, a breakup, or even a duel between true saints, the consequences will be extremely terrible, no one wants to see it, and you and I can’t afford it.”
Her tone obviously softened a lot and was no longer as strong as before. The current situation made her heart sink again and again, and she wanted to get rid of this body first.
/Wang Xuan said indifferently: “Are you kidding? Earlier, when I was Kong Xuan, you asked people to fish for you and directly converted me, causing me to suffer heavy losses. But just now, you were still telling me that the trend is irreversible, who Whoever stands in his way will be beaten into pieces by the great waves of the times. Now, with just one light word, you want to expose everything? What a joke!”
The purple-haired woman said: “You have to know that what happened tonight has been spread by the mothership. The supreme true saint and the super forbidden items of the Zhenjiao in my Guixu dojo are not so easy to mess with. If you use the treasure to wash them with blood, We, Huaguo Mountain, will definitely suffer even more brutal revenge!”
Not far away, there was also a prodigy who was very capable of breaking limits and said: “Kong Xuan, Sun Wukong, please take a step back. There is no need to fight between the True Saints. You and I are not mortal enemies.”
In fact, when everyone faces the Royal Dao Banner now, they feel cold and unsure of themselves.
The mobile phone wonder said: “That’s almost enough. Stop saying one thing and secretly saying the other and sending endless messages to the outside world.