he doesn’t have that kind of strength yet.

However, now that a group of people saw several demon queens, they couldn’t help but frown.
“Go and take a look tomorrow morning.” Shang Zhou, a four-time limit-breaking disciple of the Paper Temple, said. His short silver hair burned like fire in the dark night.
/“Hell is a good place. People from the True Saint Dojo cannot be arrogant here.” Wang Xuan drank tea and looked into the distance.
He took another bite of black tiger meat and gave up on eating it. The steel-like meat was really not delicious.
As for braised goose, stewed void rat, and boiled a pot of black dog meat on site, he didn’t have the inclination to do so.
He estimated that the flesh of several fairies was similar to steel wire.
At the same time, it was mainly because he just saw that the huge tongue licked the bull demon’s body all over, making it wet and making him feel sick to his stomach.
Wang Xuan fed a pot of black tiger meat to several monsters. Although the iron pot is not big, it has a cave inside, and the whole black tiger like a hill is stewed inside.
“Eat, the world is so big, it is not easy for two strange creatures to meet. We are destined to meet each other in hell. I treat you to a good meal.”
Several demon immortals almost shed tears and couldn’t eat anymore. Black tiger meat was indeed a great tonic and delicacy for them, but Kong Xuan’s words were too sad. Was this for them to have a full meal before they died? ? They will be sent on their way soon!
Wang Xuan learned a lot of important information from their mouths, discovered the mysterious properties of withered yellow paper, and obtained the part of the scriptures mastered by the True Saint of the Monster Clan. He still had a good impression of them, and he would feel bad if he killed them directly. .
Late at night, he pondered the “True Sutra” and studied the changes between nothingness and existence. Suddenly, something moved in his mind, and he immediately used it on several people to “influence” them.
In fact, all the top meta-mysterious methods have some degree-specific attributes.
For example, the “Guihua Sutra” written by Guixu Taoist Temple, and the “Only I Were True Sutra” performed by Yaoting Zhensheng on the basis of the Psychiatric Dharma.
Wang Xuan circulated the “Zhenyi Sutra”, and the Tao charm of truth and nothingness flowed from his body. He targeted their spiritual realm, “lost” their hostility, “had” goodwill, and turned away their evil towards Kong Xuan, giving birth to goodwill and kindness. Closeness.
It has to be said that the methods in the spiritual realm are extremely terrifying, they can open up the world, and they can also distort and reshape a person’s mind.
However, Wang Xuan sighed, this was not what he wanted. The traces of chiseling were obvious. This kind of man-made change was just forced “degreeization”, which was meaningless.
Then, he withdraws the dharma and allows them to return to themselves.
“It’s better to kill him, once and for all.” Wang Xuan said.
“No, the little demon i