patched together, it will really break through the rhythm of hell!”

This night, people in the True Saint Dojo were talking. They knew very well how dangerous hell was and what powerful people had died since the 17th century.
These are the creatures that have been recorded in the handbooks of each True Saint Dojo and are specially marked with red ink. There are some places that they will never set foot on.
For example, the Celestial Mountain, such as the Ash Ridge, the rulers there all have huge backgrounds. They rose up in the dazzling era and witnessed many geniuses. They pushed through all the way. Even in the hell, they single-handedly dug through one huge city after another, fighting to the deepest place. There is no resistance.
However, the end of hell is too mysterious. There will always be accidents, accompanied by unexplainable events. Some people have died inexplicably, and others are missing.
“The Gods of Heaven and the Lord of Ashes were once recognized as the supreme power in the realm of true immortals, capable of advancing one era after another. If they come out, Kong Xuan will be in danger!”
“Why do I think that Kong Xuan is close to, or is already, a true immortal at that level? His holy object is very extraordinary. I once heard that the Juxian Banner is an unlimited weapon that accompanies the highest achiever in the realm of true immortals when they break the limit 5 times. The holy object is at the top of the pyramid!”
Wang Xuan was sitting by a hot spring in a giant snow-capped mountain city. In the wind and snow, he gradually entered the country, his body shone a little, and the mist appeared, and he came to a mysterious and unknown place again.
Leng Mei also followed, because Wang Xuan originally led her to enlightenment, embodied the flower of vision for her, and flowed out the Taoist charm of the “True One Sutra”.
However, in the end, he himself began to realize the Dharma.
Mobile phone wonders also followed. With Wang Xuan breaking the limit 5 times, the Taoism has deepened, and it has become easier to lead people into the fog.
“This is” After a long time, Leng Mei woke up from her confusion and broke away from the influence of the flower of vision.
She saw Kong Xuan walking alone in front of him, as if he was searching for something deep in the fog, but couldn’t find it, and finally stopped.
There, he opened a curtain of light and performed his own method. Soon, the scenery there was mottled and hazy, transforming into a strange scene.
The grass and vines are hanging in the air and the flowers are in full bloom, like a lantern, illuminating the thatched huts, stone arch bridges, fairy mountains and bamboo forests, cobblestone paths, etc.
/A ball of chaotic matter appeared. Wang Xuan took out a big bell from it, shook it in the fog, cast a spell, and then sent it back. He took out a dark iron rod again, stretched across the sky and earth, and wanted to punch a big bell out of the foggy sky. hole.
Then, he pulled out a fairy sword from the chaotic material. The light was dazzl