o say anything. Nothing.

“Donors can come often!” The old monk’s eyes were eager.
Li Kun arrived, and when he saw a group of bodyguards and some of the latest intelligent robots outside the courtyard, he felt nervous.
Not long after he came in, he knew Ling Qiming’s identity, and when he saw Qin Cheng standing aside, he suddenly broke into a cold sweat.
Ling Qiming looked down on him a little and said a few words indifferently. The meaning was quite obscure, not as straightforward as the young man.
This is a habit developed every day without leaking water. Wang Xuan felt that he was not happy enough, so he walked over and told Li Kun clearly to return the three million new star coins immediately.
“No, five million!” He added, is there no penalty for doing wrong things?
Then, Wang Xuan saw the other person nodding his head with sweat on his face. Without saying anything, he kicked him into the air and flew out of the courtyard wall.
When Ling Qiming saw this, he glared at him fiercely.
“Old Ling” Wang Xuan took the initiative to speak to him again.
Qin Cheng listened and felt cold sweat breaking out on his body. The old monk was also stunned and couldn’t help but look at the two of them.
Ling Qiming stared at him coldly, his dislike for him multiplied by a thousand!
Wang Xuan sighed and said: “I have already called you that, and I still ask you to do something. What else do you have to worry about? So, let’s all be well in the future!”
Ling Qiming was startled, and then thought about it, that was indeed what happened, but his face was still cold.
“So, don’t use tricks on me. If something happens to me, the whole world will receive my preset email, saying that you killed me. I believe Ling Wei will not forgive you then!” Wang Xuan Said solemnly.
He really had to be on guard. Lao Ling had a lot of energy on Xinxing’s side. If he wanted to kill him, he would have many ways.
/“So, I deliberately called you Lao Ling to show my attitude.” Wang Xuan said a few words seriously.
Ling Qiming felt mixed, nodded, and finally left here with a cold face.
After leaving the temple, in a deserted place, Qin Cheng asked: “Old Wang, are what you said true?”
“What is true or false? If I meet Ling Wei, do I have to change my name? I can still call him whatever I want.” Wang Xuan spoke calmly and added: “As for Lao Ling, that’s what I call him anyway. , let’s call it that from now on.”
“When Lao Ling finds out, he will beat you to death!” Qin Cheng sighed.
“What he can know is up to everyone.” Wang Xuan said nonchalantly.
In the next two days, Qin Cheng went to the ancient temple to practice Vajra Boxing from time to time at the invitation of the old monk. The old monk was delighted and passed on his Vajra Boxing technique.
He felt that Qin Cheng had spirituality and Bodhisattva light flowing through his body. Every time he practiced boxing, there would always be a strange charm, which even caused the nearby Buddha statues to appear abnormal.
Everything was caused by Wang Xuan following Qin Cheng, absorbing the mys