eavenly soldiers and generals, I will take them all!” Sun Wukong held the Immortal Bow in shock.

He guarded this void to make sure that Chang Ming was indeed dead.
/At this time, in the deep sky, Ling Qingxuan contacted the people in Liuxia Star Territory and asked, “What’s the specific situation?”
The person in charge of Lingxiuxing reported: “My lady, something big has happened. Chang Ming seems to have killed the wrong person, which caused the furious Sun Wukong to avenge his friend. A lot of people will probably die today. This Sun Wukong is really He was so vicious that he was killed in Liuhua River in Lingxiu Star. Now, Yaotian Palace is mobilizing heavenly soldiers and generals to strangle him. When should we start?”
“Huh? It’s really beyond my expectation.” Ling Qingxuan was startled, is Sun Wukong so powerful? She quickly warned: “Sun Wukong actually showed up. Don’t rush to the end. Wait until I get over. Let Yaotian Palace fight.”
“It’s crazy!” The person in charge of Ling Xiuxing was stunned. He looked at Liuhua River and forgot to continue the call.
In his weak and hazy body, there was an extra hand. Wang Xuan stayed here and grabbed the talisman paper out.
“No!” Chang Ming screamed in horror, but it was too late. His soul collapsed, and the newly condensed fuzzy body turned into blood mist and completely dissipated.
His body and soul are destroyed!
/“Sun Wukong, you don’t know what’s wrong, and you actually committed such a vicious attack. There’s nothing you can do about it today!” He Qing spoke from a distance, his voice cold and bone-chilling.
“No way to be good? Then come and fight! I, Huaguoshan, have no fear of others and are both disciples of the True Saint Taoist Temple. Am I inferior to Chang Ming in my status? Come, come, come, Monkey King, the Monkey King I will never embarrass the True Saint today, and I will fight against the hundreds of thousands of demons from your Demon Heaven Palace here!” Wang Xuan shouted.
There is no doubt that now, he has emphasized again and again, and he is so strong that 90% of people believe that there is really a new holy dojo behind him!
On the banks of the Liuhua River, a large number of extraordinary people were dumbfounded. Sun Wukong directly killed a rising star in a foreign land? Too fierce.
Chang Ming died suddenly, causing huge waves!
“The True Saint Taoist Temple has always been just a legendary thing for us. It is very unreal. Even the records in ancient books are unclear. But now, the descendants of this kind of place have really come out, but they have been Just shoot him in the head!”
On Lingxiu Star, although there are extraordinary beings from all over the world, many of whom have great reputations, they have no connection with the rest of the world, and today is the first time they meet them in this world.
“Minghan, last time I asked you to come to Liuxia Star Territory for training, but you didn’t come with me. I guarantee you’ll regret it this time. Guess what happened here? I met a disciple from another place. Moreover,