el Templar Knight, it is still as powerful as the fifth-level Templar Knight. minimum standards.

Even the energy clones of some veteran fifth-level Templars have experienced countless years of accumulation. The power stimulated by the power of their fifth-level bloodline is comparable to that of ordinary fifth-level Templars.
Possessing fifth-level power, but not having the mass of the fifth-level Templar body, this allows the energy clone driven by the fifth-level power to reach extreme speeds.
David wants to kill Lord Marcus’s energy clone. The problem he faces is how to make Lord Marcus’s energy clone lose its speed advantage.
From the beginning of the layout, David had no intention of relying on those energy clones to attack and destroy Lord Marcus.
What he did was to slow down Lord Marcus’s energy clone. When Lord Marcus’s energy clone was attacked and retreated by the energy beam of the ‘Starship’, his goal was achieved.
David, fully armed, appeared behind Marcus Lord’s energy clone, and at this time, Marcus Lord’s energy clone was retreating toward David.
The fifth-level knight armor and the fifth-level light long sword are almost the normal top-level equipment in the divine world, and they have the effect of damaging fifth-level beings.
The master-level ‘Knight Heritage Swordsmanship’ controlled the fifth-level light sword. The light sword in David’s hand turned into a light golden light and stabbed towards the back of Lord Marcus’s energy clone.
Prior to this, David had activated the ‘Titan Power’ talent ability, the ‘Special Power Enhancement Device’ was turned on, and the special power talents ‘Power Shock’, ‘Power Amplification’, and ‘Power Overlap’, although the ability level is very low, But since we are dealing with special beings like energy clones, we have to apply them all.
“This is the sure kill!” Even though he felt the sharp aura behind him, Lord Marcus still had room to think.
The energy clone is just a clone of Lord Marcus. Even if it is killed, it is just a loss of a clone, although this clone is extremely important to him.
Therefore, when Lord Marcus’s energy clone encounters danger, he still has the ability to think clearly and judge the situation he encounters.
/Lord Marcus understood that as long as his energy clone could withstand a blow from behind, he could use the speed of the energy clone to escape.
He has confidence in the defense of the energy armor gathered by his fifth-level bloodline power, which is almost equivalent to the defensive power of the fifth-level armor.
David’s fifth-level light sword stabbed the vest of Lord Marcus’s energy clone. The position he chose was the core of his energy clone. He was not an ordinary fourth-level sky knight. When it came to energy control, The clone’s familiarity shows that he is no weaker than a fifth-level Templar.
Even a fifth-level Templar cannot have four energy clones for him to study at the same time.
At this time, Lord Marcus had clearly discovered the person who attacked him through his mind. The aura of the fourth-le