ted by the perfect cooperation of the two hourglasses.

Even the thunder in the sky became much dimmer.
The two hourglasses are swallowing up the catastrophe. Although they have broken many times, they will still reappear and tenaciously destroy those targets.
At the same time, the flowers of the grass and vines bloomed, the light rain swept across, and the silver paper flew up and chopped in all directions. The two sacred objects were checking for defects and making up for the leaks.
“Master Kong is mighty and innately divine!” Fudaoniu couldn’t help but praise loudly from a distance, not worrying about disturbing him in his journey through the tribulation.
Because the current situation was completely under Wang Xuan’s control. His broken body healed, his soul glowed, and his cracked forehead bone reshaped.
/“This is normal.” The mechanical bear said. Relatively speaking, it looked calm on the surface. It had seen Wang Xuan cross the tribulation of breaking the realm before.
Of course, the True Immortal 6 Breakthrough was indeed very different and more dangerous than before. It had just secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
“Mechanical Panda, are you new here? You’ve only met Master Kong in the past few decades? Come here, give your Brother Niu a leg and a pat on your back, and I’ll teach you some rules for following Master Kong.”
Fudaoniu glanced at the black and white bear and felt a sense of crisis. He felt that a competitor had come. Would it lose its job?
Therefore, it considers itself as an experienced person and wants to teach the mechanical bear a lesson.
The main reason is that it sees this black and white bear with its big, clear eyes and cute appearance, and feels that it is relatively simple, so it is easily accepted by it.
“Damn it, Niu Xiaozi, do you know who I am?” The clear-eyed, foot-tall mechanical bear actually said this.
Fudaoniu’s expression was stunned for a moment, and he was sure that he heard correctly. These words were completely inconsistent with the mechanical panda’s pure eyes and cute temperament.
“Where did you come from? Who are you?” He was so sophisticated that he didn’t dare to be careless. He put away his arrogance and seniority and asked for its identity first.
“Wang Xuan and I come from the same universe. I was with him before he rose.” Mechanical Bear said calmly.
“Brother Xiong, tell me about Master Kong’s glorious past.” Fudaoniu immediately changed his tone and changed the topic naturally.
“On weekdays, I often sit on Wang Xuan’s shoulder.” said the mechanical bear.
Fudao Niu: “”
Soon, the mechanical bear sat on the back of the cow, and then jumped on the cow’s head a few times to test the comfort there.
Fudaoniu regretted it and wanted to kick it. I thought it was ignorant and could be easily educated and restrained, but it obviously hit an iron plate.
In the world outside the world, in the Time Heaven Dojo, Kong Xuan has been an unavoidable topic for the past eighty years. When their True Saint was fighting for “half the list” in hell, he swept the True Im