m self-aware. I estimate that even if she chooses you, Lao Wang, she will not consider me.”

“Can you speak? You said it as if you had no choice and you would choose me only after settling for the next best thing. Don’t blame me.”
“Old Wang, I don’t see it. You are quite conceited. If I tell Goddess Zhao next time that she chooses you, you may not even agree.”
Wang Xuan ignored him.
Seeing that he was so calm, Qin Cheng became a little anxious and said: “Old Wang, please give me an idea quickly. If the backyard is not peaceful, I will not be willing to leave. Please help me think of a way.”
Wang Xuan nodded and said, “I’ve met this girl before. We had dinner together. It’s really good. You have to work hard and don’t miss it if you can.”
“How to fight for it?”
“The main reason is that you are isolated by geography, but your family’s business is related to deep space trade, and you are one of the suppliers below. You can definitely rely on your connections to find people who travel this way to deliver letters, photos, audio, etc. to you for a long time. , tell her that since we can get in touch instead of being separated for many years, there is no need to break up now, and I will give you a judgment at any time in the future.”
“Okay, I’m leaving!” Qin Cheng turned around and ran away.
Half a quarter of an hour later, Wang Xuan left the campus and walked alone on the sidewalk. There were many ancient ginkgo trees on both sides of the road, with golden fallen leaves all over the ground.
He walked to the end of the road, came to a building, and went straight in.
Although the building was very high, there were not many people coming in and out, so it was a bit deserted. Someone stopped him as soon as he approached the elevator.
Wang Xuan said nothing, took out a business card made of pure gold and handed it over.
The pupils of the people in front of the elevator shrank, and one of them silently made a gesture of invitation and pressed the elevator button for him.
Wang Xuan nodded and walked in, with someone following him.
The two of them followed the elevator all the way down.
/Finally, the elevator stopped at the thirteenth underground floor, a rare number of underground floors.
After Wang Xuan stepped out of the elevator, he got used to the dim space. There were very few lights. It didn’t look like a modern building below, but more like a cave dug out of the mountain rock.
/Someone led the way, twisting and turning, through the underground cave. The road was very winding, until finally we entered a stone chamber, which became bright and bright.
The layout here is very modern, no different from a large luxury office. There is a man sitting behind a mahogany desk.
“You finally came.” He had thick short black hair and a green mask on his face. He sounded like he must be in his forties, a middle-aged man.
“I graduated. I have left the old art experimental class and am now free.” Wang Xuan replied calmly.
The middle-aged man wearing a cyan mask made a crisp sound in his hands, like gold and jade