They are so powerful that they don’t want to be targeted by hell as soon as they take action.

They know that hell can definitely mobilize “holy dead” who are in the same realm as them.
“The true saint has come to an end!” Wang Xuan sighed, with thunder and fire appearing in his eyes, staring ahead.
“If it were only in the True Immortal Realm, I would dare to go there!” Wu Liuji said. However, the True Saint is incomprehensible and can expand the scope of the “Super Class”. It is even more unimaginable to revive.
The old handsome guy Mei Suyun said: “It’s useless even if you are invincible in the realm of true immortals. They can refine special items and violate the rules of hell. Naturally, they also have their own ultimate secret method to cover up, etc.”
Wang Xuan was extremely regretful and said: “This is the True Immortal area. I really want to rush over and fight with some people to see how extraordinary the True Saint is when they are in the same realm.”
/He believed that even if he couldn’t kill such an “ultimate true immortal”, he could still kill him several times.
“What a pity!” he sighed.
Although Wang Xuan was confident, after actual combat and finding that it was difficult to kill aliens, he finally understood that some realm gaps could not be completely “balanced”. If they violated the rules and exceeded the standards, he would still be invincible at the same realm. Useless.
“True Saint!” Wu Kong, an old stranger from Wujie Mountain, cried out sadly.
Because, in that dazzling light, there was a figure that was besieged, and there was bright blood splashing out and falling to the earth.
Under the dazzling paper, the golden halo, and the endless thunder, several figures fought fiercely. Although they suppressed Dao Xing and did not confront the Dao of Balance, and it has not really exploded yet, it has already made all parties feel palpitated and moved.
“I only have one request, let go of the disciples of Wujie Mountain, they will not threaten you and others.” The old true saint of Wujie Mountain spoke during the battle.
However, he received no response, and the battle there became more intense, and he was covered in blood.
“In this case, I know your attitude, then I will try to see which of you can be taken away.” His beard and hair were all covered in blood. Although the surface of his body was dim and blurry, when the blood shed, the holy blood was like this The glare creates a terrible contrast.
In fact, in the True Immortal area, the strangers were also murderous. Wu Kong and other strangers from the Five Tribulations Mountains all had red eyes after hearing the words of the old True Saint.
In this area, a bloody and tragic battle broke out.
“Let me go, I’ll do my best in the end.” Wang Xuan said, he didn’t want to see this scene, but there was nothing he could do about it.
“The fate of the Old True Saint of Wujie Mountain is indeed destined. You are so close to them. You should come to Demon Court earlier.” Wu Liuji patted his shoulder and let go of his arm. There was no st