ndifferently, and said: “Fellow Daoist Xu, please don’t leave. We can communicate with you after I refine Yuanshi Daoqi.”

Xu Ying said expressionlessly: “I’ll be with you anytime.”
Di Chen walked out and said, “Fellow Daoist Xu, come out and talk.”
Xu Ying glanced at Yuan Weiyang, sneered, and followed Di Chen out of the Immortal Palace.
Di Chen stood outside the Immortal Palace, looking at the indestructible innate auras guarding the Imperial Capital. Even though this extremely ancient universe was supported by thousands of innate spiritual treasures, it looked old and might collapse at any time. .
/“If the Hunyuan Universe cannot survive this catastrophe, I am afraid it will be the same as the Tomb Universe, or even a hundred times more terrifying than the Tomb Universe. It will become a sea of ??chaos monster that devours other universes to survive.”
Di Chen recalled the situation when he encountered the tomb universe when he was traveling, and he was still a little scared. After a while, he calmed down and said, “Fellow Daoist Xu, this fellow coffin is of great importance. You’d better not keep him around, as soon as possible.” Send it back to the Sea of ??Chaos, or you will suffer its consequences.”
Xu Ying nodded in agreement.
Although the black coffin will not harm him, the things involved in the black coffin may be extremely relevant.
How strong is the person in the black coffin? The man in the coffin was so powerful that he was killed by others. How powerful must his killer be?
Moreover, the Chaos Clock is also searching for the whereabouts of the black coffin. It would be a terrible thing if the Chaos Clock and the Chaos Lord were to target it.
Even the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty couldn’t handle this kind of cause and effect, let alone Xu Ying?
It’s just that the black coffin used him as a means of transportation to avoid the pursuit of the Chaos Clock, and Xu Ying was helpless for a while.
Di Chen looked into the distance and said quietly: “If Emperor Zhao is alive, he will definitely not be at ease. He can no longer use the face of Emperor Zhao and will definitely turn into other faces. This person can harvest the immortal emperors of all generations, and he will definitely be able to do so. He will not miss the opportunity to harvest me. There will be a battle between me and him.”
Xu Ying suddenly noticed the murderous intent coming from him, but this murderous intent was very light and was wiped off as soon as it arose.
Di Chen said: “Fellow Daoist Xu is a member of the Taoist Alliance.”
Xu Ying said carefully, “I am a disciple of the outer sect of the Dao Alliance, but I have not yet become an inner disciple of the Dao Alliance.”
Emperor Chen turned a deaf ear and thought to himself: “Fellow Daoist Xu is the protector of the inner disciples of the Taoist Alliance.”
/Xu Ying blinked and smiled: “I’m not a protector, I’m just entrusted by others. How can I be qualified to be a protector of the inner disciples? Hahaha!”
Di Chen said: “You took Huozao and became the Void Taoist Master. So,