no other, just because they are all true saints who have changed their ways and have such high vision that they have no friends.

Wang Xuan felt that this group of people could only fight with the wind and they would never be reliable if something happened.
Precisely because of their big background and experience, each of them is better at saving their lives. Whenever there is a situation of decline or defeat, they are guaranteed to run away.
/It had been verified earlier that Bai Mao Weiluo, Lu Po, Yu Teng, and even Hongxiu, who were in the same team as Wang Xuan, disappeared when he was weighing the foreigner. As soon as he turned around.
“Where are the iron worms? Get out quickly.” A group of people were filled with murderous intent. After releasing their spiritual consciousness, they swept across the entire sea area in front of them.
Now is the time when they are most united and their morale is high. If any one of them is picked out, they will have a domineering attitude of trying to crush the stranger to death with one hand.
A forest on the sea stretches across the front, lush and green, with white mist. The leaves are flying in the forest, and the sound of iron cavalry cutting through the void can be heard.
Someone said: “I found it. This bug is really smart. It actually found a chariot pulled by 14 holy beasts and is chasing it.”
“We don’t need to be in a hurry. Let’s open up the big net and take advantage of the situation to surround the group of iron cavalry and the Origin Bronze Chariot.”
That set of sacred weapons is very special. If given to a supreme being, it will be imprinted with the corresponding level of imperial texture and it can instantly become a supreme chariot, armor, holy beast, etc.
A group of people spread out, preparing to participate in the battle.
“Once the bug succeeds, we will kill him immediately. We cannot give him time to inject alien-level runes into the sacred weapon.” Ancient God Miya reminded, and added, don’t fight among yourself for a while.
“Of course we have to kill the stranger first!” The giant beast bear king nodded.
Outside, a large group of super peerless people would not dare to hunt strangers without imperial weapons, but here they took it for granted.
“This insect is so useless, it actually allowed those cavalry and 14 holy beasts to escape.” Someone slapped his thigh, looking heartbroken and regretful.
In the sky, a colorful mist of time and space appeared, like ripples, and the sacred weapons submerged into it and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Although those iron cavalry and the 14 holy beasts pulling the cart do not yet have strong combat power, they are top-notch wonders from the source of myths. They are protected by the Tao here. They just broke into the “natural birth” time and space vortex, and directly No trace.
The iron worm roared, carrying a red spear, and smashed the endless maritime forest, causing the branches and leaves to explode and huge waves to surge into the sky.
“Huh?!” He realized something and turned around.
“Insect, you