roblem with your safety.”

There is no doubt that by following her, safety will be greatly improved.
“The pace of extraordinary is approaching, and no one can stop the future trend. Now is the best time to quickly accumulate and improve yourself. There are some rare things in the secret land that can make people extraordinary overnight. This time, if all the families mobilize their troops, they will definitely be picked. To some. After this operation, some people may want to set foot in the supernatural realm.”
Wang Xuan’s mood was up and down, and even Xiao Zhao dared to go. He had the strength of a grandmaster, so he was naturally tempted and wanted to go to the secret place in the hope of becoming extraordinary!
“Okay, I plan to enter the secret place!” Finally, he made this decision. Sometimes people need to be more decisive. If you look forward and backward, you may achieve nothing.
There are many big organizations in Rising Stars, but if you join a team you don’t know, it’s easy to be used as cannon fodder.
Those big forces can definitely do this kind of thing, attracting monsters, sending out to explore the road, interrupting the rear at critical moments, etc. These dirty jobs are tailor-made for passers-by like him.
/After all, Zhao Qinghan was his classmate. No matter what, she would not deliberately let him die. She had made it clear that she wanted him to stay with her.
Unless the general trend is too dangerous, there will be much fewer man-made uncertainties.
He also knew Wu Chenglin, Wu Yin, and siblings Zhong Qing and Zhong Cheng, but he met them as Grandmaster Wang.
He is Wang Xuan now, and it is impossible to go to those two families.
When he was in the old land, he once kicked Da Wu into the lake. If he went to Wu’s house with his real body now, Da Wu would probably figure out how to stuff him into the Jedi to explore the way!
“When will you leave?” Wang Xuan asked about the specific situation.
/Zhao Qinghan smiled: “We will set off after some seniors clear the way forward. It should be that in the next few days, someone will be more anxious than us.”
The old men are afraid that if they don’t make up their mind, they will be violent once they take action, fearing that they will fall behind others and the rare objects will be exposed.
Obviously, the old men may also join forces. With them clearing the way, the rear area will be relatively safer this time.
“I will talk to the Zhong family in the next two days and try to win over Zhong Qing and Zhong Cheng to act together.” Zhao Qinghan told him such news.
“Why are you looking for the Zhong family?” Wang Xuan asked her.
Zhao Qinghan combed her hair and said: “If some of my guesses are true, it will be safer to form an alliance with them.”
She calmly explained that Lao Zhong might not have come back yet!
This simple sentence made Wang Xuan stunned. Old man Zhong Yong is still in the secret place? This was beyond his expectation.
Zhao Qinghan shook his head and said: “It’s just a small possibility, it may not come true.”
But as long as