stars, and kill giant beasts tens of thousands of miles long? It can’t be used either.

Out of body experience? It can be regarded as an extraordinary spell and will be suppressed and targeted.
It has to be said that the Paper Temple has achieved quite good results in researching and dealing with the ultimate limit breaker.
When the enemy is weakened, they themselves are also affected. After entering this battlefield, no one can use their spells and magical powers smoothly.
However, they are prepared and have arrangements in advance to weaken their opponents and try to avoid or even strengthen themselves in certain areas.
For example, what are those huge eyes in the starry sky now? Most of them are physically powerful species, and some individuals are as big as planets!
/For example, the sky-swallowing beast that was kicked to pieces by Wang Xuan earlier, and the dragon sparrow that could cover the planet with its wings spread, appeared several more.
Now, can he still use magic to catch them to death? It’s hard to do.
Of course, it is a bit uncomfortable for such a huge creature to maintain its strong vitality in a zone where all magic disappears.
Therefore, they plan to fight quickly and use their own advantages to directly destroy this infinitely weakened Ultimate Limit Breaker with their terrifying power and body!
Then, the giant beast swarm launched without any hesitation. When the ashes formation that suppressed the ultimate limit breaker took effect, they roared and began to swoop in for a decisive kill!
This scene made many people’s scalp numb when they saw it. A group of giant beasts, hundreds of rivals fighting against each other. The scene was so spectacular, smashing planets in the way, grabbing huge meteorites, and culling the relatively small Kong Xuan.
At this moment, Wang Xuan truly felt the power of the magic circle arranged by the Paper Temple against him, and it was indeed weakening him in all directions.
This is the foundation of the True Saint Dojo. Even when faced with the ultimate limit breaker, there are still means of checks and balances, so that the creatures that claim to be able to overwhelm this era will quickly lose their luster.
Wang Xuan’s Hunyuan Divine Mud Body was completely tightened. He was indeed restricted, and the spell was extinguished immediately after being released. The problem was serious, but it was impossible to be completely suppressed.
At the very least, his supernatural induction is still there, and more than 20 mysterious factors are immortal in his body. His physical body is somewhat suppressed. That is because the formation is burdening him, but it will not reduce him to ordinary.
First of all, he must ensure that his perception, speed, and strength are preserved as much as possible and not restricted, so that it is not very dangerous.
At the same time, his true body was sitting cross-legged in the mist, scanning all directions, and briefly tested it. The taboo magic circle used by the Paper Temple to restrict the ultimate limit breaker was ineffectiv