ing again and about to explode.

“Father, help me suppress this old man!” Wen Ming was covered in blood, and some parts of his body were shattering. He flew into the strange scene in a flash, and became one with the strange mosquito that appeared inside.
In the wonderful scene of “Agu Laimeng”, the huge and boundless figure is chanting sutras, and billions of rays of light flow out, which is sacred and awe-inspiring, making all living beings awe.
Although the holy tree stretching into the universe is taller, compared with the figure sitting cross-legged, it is just the background and seems not worth mentioning.
The old Beast King was sitting cross-legged in the strange scene. His eyelids were trembling, and he was about to open them. Part of the divine light exposed at the corner of his eyes actually tore apart the world and was evaporating the sea of ??swords.
“Something awesome!” Wang Xuan was also sitting cross-legged, confronting the emperor in the spectacle.
Then, he instantly increased the sword light in the furnace.
In addition to the fierce light, there is also the dark snow and the eternal darkness, which seems to be the song of light and darkness bursting out!
The bright sacred sword light collided with the withered sword filled with eternal black snow. The scene was extremely terrifying, tearing apart the wonders displayed by Wen Ming.
Sword Immortal Wen Ming screamed, and his body collapsed inch by inch.
“Fellow Taoist, it is not appropriate to perform blood sacrifices today, otherwise some unpredictable changes may occur.” Several ancient creatures reminded him seriously.
At the same time, Wanfa Spider King, Xuan Zhi and others quickly took action to rescue Wen Ming.
Hong Xiu, Wei Luo, Lu Po, Qing Niu, Xiong Wang, etc. also wanted to activate, but Wang Xuan waved his hand and did not lead them to intercept and kill, not wanting to cause any mishaps.
The strange scene collapsed, Wen Ming screamed miserably, his whole body was covered with sword light, he was disintegrating, and in the end only his head and soul remained.
Many people narrowed their eyes. This Zai Dao was really strong and unpredictable, and he had made many people afraid just now.
“This bug should be killed, and it still wants to become a scandal to our giant beast clan?” The Bear King said to himself with a gloomy face.
Wang Xuan did not get up from the beginning to the end. After he put down his right hand, the furnace dispersed into a rain of light and disappeared into the void.
The silver-haired Wei Luo was a little frightened, while Lu Po vowed not to be the boss again. Hongxiu also looked sideways at Wang Xuan and then looked at him again.
As for the giant beasts, they were all amazed and a little in awe of the leader, Zai Dao.
The fog is thick, and the sacred plants are swaying on the sea, creating ripples on the sea, intertwining various scenes, which gradually become clearer.
/In particular, a distant view appeared in front of Wen Ming. It was a figure sitting cross-legged. The once unparalleled old beas