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In fact, Wang Xuan didn’t believe it at all, and a group of top true saints died suddenly. If all of them died overnight, then the problem in the mythical field would be too big.
After nine years, Wang Xuan drove a boat in the mist, took the route of the highest spiritual world, and officially saw the legendary other shore.
He estimated that if he took the real world route and passed through many decayed universes from deep space, he couldn’t calculate how long it would take to reach it.
Only the path in the spiritual realm, transcending the world, has infinite possibilities.
Of course, this is only for the creatures with six breakthroughs in all fields, and it does not apply to others.
If there is no mysterious boat that breaks through the wonders in the mist, and if you travel far in the spiritual world with the mortal body alone, your movements will be hindered and not fast.
Because the spiritual world is only a world suitable for the passage of the soul.
Before the end of this era, a mysterious shortcut was opened between the other shore and the outside world. Otherwise, communication would be extremely difficult, just like a natural chasm.
Now, Wang Xuan has opened up a new route, but it is only suitable for himself. Others cannot take this road at present.
Wang Xuan was smiling, hoping to see his old friends. He cautiously moved forward in deep space, looking forward to seeing his relatives again.
Along the way, his face gradually became serious. What kind of battle broke out in this deep space? The “remnants” left behind by the True Saint are really not that few.
Immortal rules are still exerting influence to this day, creating a very dangerous and destructive zone.
For example, in a crack area, if a top alien breaks in rashly, he will be cut into pieces, making it very difficult to escape.
During this period, he also sensed the true meaning of “Nine Destructions and Rebirth” left behind by his parents, who had also taken action in this eternally silent deep space.
Wang Xuan suppressed his smile and became less optimistic. Wu, You, Dao, and Kong all came out, and even the mobile phone strange objects were in action. If there was a big battle here, the scene would be absolutely terrifying.
835 years ago, Yihui once mentioned that their super mythical world was on the other side of the fragment of the real place. At that time, Wang Xuan suddenly woke up and immediately wondered whether the supreme true saint on his side was also paying this attention?
Now it seems that his guess has come true. Wu, You, Dao, Kong and others, driving the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, going deep into the land of eternal silence, are indeed heading for the other side.
“How did the old center recover before the 23rd century? The mirror world said to be the No. 1 extraordinary source involves the interchange of reality and falsehood. However, the cause is not important anymore, and its motivation gradually became clear.”
/Wang Xuan believes that the disappeared group of old saints are do