defense ability, and he sometimes fails to take care of Garmic Star.

But it’s different inside the space debris. With his safety arrangements, unless he’s very unlucky, the safety of the space debris is not a problem.
While researching the super large krypton crystal mines, he discovered that these three super large krypton crystal mines not only produced a huge number of top-grade krypton crystals, but also produced six ‘perfect grade krypton crystals’.
It can be said that the grade of these three super large krypton crystal mines has reached the same level as the super large krypton crystal mine of Battle Star. It is only because there has been no mining here and the special environment without Battle Star that only six have been produced. ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’.
David collected six ‘Perfect Level Krypton Crystals’, then selected a super large Krypton Crystal Mine, and placed the ‘Pregnant Crystal’ at the core of the super large Krypton Crystal Mine.
As the ‘pregnant crystal’ was put down, a strange energy spread out from the ‘pregnant crystal’. Due to the large area of ??the super large krypton crystal mine, the strange energy of the ‘pregnant crystal’ could not be completely covered, but its The best part of the interior is surrounded.
Just when David was about to leave, he suddenly noticed a golden light appearing on a top-grade kryptonite next to the ‘pregnant crystal’.
He came to the top-grade kryptonite in disbelief, squatted down and took a closer look. Indeed, there was indeed a bit of golden light on the top-grade kryptonite.
/After a few more minutes, golden light appeared on more than ten top-grade kryptonite stones.
Although these golden lights are not obvious, they actually appear, which means that these top-grade kryptonite are evolving into ‘perfect-grade kryptonite’.
David was stunned for a moment, no matter how good the effect of the ‘pregnancy crystal’ was, it should not have such an effect.
But after thinking about it, this is not too strange.
The top-grade kryptonite in this ultra-large kryptonite mine has never been mined, which means it has been in the process of being slowly improved.
In this process, some top-grade kryptonite has reached the top limit. Perhaps in tens of millions of years, some of these top-grade kryptonite will break through the shackles and become a ‘perfect grade kryptonite’.
This is also the origin of the previous six ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’, but the special feature of ‘Pregnant Crystal’ is that it can improve the quality and output of Kryptonite.
Some top-level kryptonite that has reached its limit, with the help of ‘pregnant crystal’, suddenly skipped tens of millions of years and directly entered the process of breeding ‘perfect grade kryptonite’.
Of course, this does not mean that David can harvest the ‘perfect grade kryptonite’ right away. This process usually takes several years. Only a little golden light will be filled with top-grade kryptonite, and then the top-grade kryptonite will evolve into ‘perfect grade’. Grade kryptonite’.
David loo