iminate the effects before he felt at ease.

But today he definitely didn’t need it. After interacting with the light flowing into his heart from the scriptures on the boat, his body and soul were baptized and purified.
In this case, in the future, the possessed Hunyuan Shenmu will not have to work hard to solve the subsequent negative effects.
What surprised him the most was the change in the Hunyuan Shen Mud. In the blood mud, only the malice and residues that could be sensed by Liu Po ??had been cleaned up, and it had been divinely purified.
Wang Xuan released the Hunyuan Shen Mud to the outside world. The thick causal line was still there, but the substances in the body were no longer so complex.
“The malice from the supreme beings in the underworld has been purified. This is something extraordinary.” Wang Xuan said to himself, very satisfied.
He is not in a hurry to go out here and study his several methods: non-being, existence, passing, and eternity!
The last method, Heng, is not perfect yet.
Regarding Heng’s understanding, what he wants to achieve is that even if all things are corrupted and the universe is disillusioned, his spiritual will, his body, and his Tao can still exist forever and remain unchanged.
There is no doubt that this goal is a bit lofty. At present, all he can do is to hold on for a short period of time and use that moment to strike a terrifying blow.
In short, what he is currently pursuing is an effective trump card, and it is impossible to directly grasp the supreme principles of this field.
Finally, Wang Xuan was relieved to possess Hunyuan Shenni again, walked out of the fog, and marched again to find Feiyue, Wolverine and others.
To the outside world, Fudao Niu was angry. He criticized Tianzhao, Feixie, Chen, and Mu on his social media account, asking them if they were really immortal in a hundred battles. Can you be honest and talk about who rescued them?
This naturally caused an uproar.
Then, Fudaoniu became even more angry.
Because, its social account was banned by the platform. It said that it was a serious violation and would be banned for 5,000 years!
“Spicy chicken!” Its nose almost crooked in anger. Although it is a transcendent and has a long lifespan, in 5,000 years, the center of the transcendent will probably be moved away.
In the next central world of the universe, it’s hard to say whether this crappy company or this social platform is still there.
/“You banned me for 50 years, I still have hope, but you actually banned me for an era, why don’t you die! Besides, what I revealed is the truth, is there any problem?”
Then, Fudaoniu decisively moved to the two video platforms “Diaoshou” and “Kuaiyin”. He still didn’t believe it. The four true saints’ dojos covered the sky with their hands. Could they fully intervene?
/It was quite satisfied with the subsequent results. It was not banned here and was even recommended by hot spots. It was promoted on two major platforms: Kong Xuan’s bull is here.
Fu Daoniu pointed the country, his saliva was like thunder, and