heir eyes, the saints were gambling on the future with the extraordinary center, and were more radical and ruthless than them.

Wu, You, Gu Sanming, etc., led the extraordinary center to shift again, changed its course, and guided the source of myth to blast a powerful beam of light towards the old extraordinary center 23 years ago. The two universes collided, and the scene was magnificent and terrifying.
In the decayed outer universe, the supreme beings are all terrified, and their souls are trembling.
At this time, even the Great Evil Spirit Yuan Zhou, who had lived for more than 20 centuries, was numb and was feeling cold from head to toe. He said: “No wonder they occupy the extraordinary center, because they are the most ruthless group of people.”
Shan said nothing and had no expression on his face, staring at the spectacle that was likely to silence the myth forever and completely collapse the supernatural. He had lived for so many epochs, and what kind of storms and waves had he not seen?
But today he was also shocked. His old heart was beating so hard that the nearby star sea was resonating with it, and some planets exploded directly.
/The two universes in reality are not connected, only their respective myths are expanding, colliding, and rising and falling. The brilliant and Sheng Lie extraordinary realms are in contact, violently blending, and clashing.
There have not been drastic changes in the current world, but the extraordinary world has been impacted and has a great impact, especially near the breach of the 36th level. With the rise and fall of the tide, myths are rising and dying.
/“The transcendent world seems to have been cut off. The sky is filled with black snow and the myth is frozen.”
Some people raised their heads and looked at the dark sky. Heavy snow was flying, darkness shrouded the surrounding areas, the extraordinary factors were extinguishing, and the most frightening thing was that they were all rapidly weakening.
Strange people, the best among extraordinary beings, were invited to watch the ceremony. Standing in the dojo of “you” in the 36th heaven, they actually experienced such drastic extraordinary changes.
“The myth comes back and we recover.”
The next moment, the tide was bright, the rich super matter, and the Umbrella of Eternal Silence disappeared, and the vast amount of Tao Yun surged, making everyone bright and bathing.
Many people’s foundations have been shaken. In this period of birth and death, they experience what heaven is and what hell is, going back and forth between the two.
During the birth and death of another myth, Wang Xuan saw the blurry outline of a large dark umbrella emerging in the distance. Even though it was infinitely far away, it was still shocking.
This drastic change has led to the initial reveal of the legendary wonders? There are signs that the Extraordinary Center may indeed collapse completely.
It is precisely because of this that Wang Xuan found that when the myth was briefly extinguished, the scene around him was a bit scary. Many geniu