re killed by Xu Ying with one knife.”

Shen Tu Lun looked at him indifferently and said softly, “Now, do you know that what I said is true?”
True Lord Yongle’s heart felt cold.
He failed to borrow any power, but instead used the last bit of power that bound his body, his avenue, and his unbreakable mark!
/Behind him, the reincarnation time and space collapsed, and at the same time, there were eight time and space collapses, including the chaotic time and space, the Hongmeng time and space, the Wuji time and space, and the Taiyi time and space.
His body exploded, shattered into countless pieces, and merged into the sea of ??chaos.
This scene made everyone on the boat feel awe-inspiring.
Wen Nanxun murmured: “Xu Ying, beheaded a Dao Alliance Palace Master?”
Beside her, a woman wearing a deep purple skirt said: “The knife in Xu Ying’s hand killed Zhenjun Yongle.”
Another old man wearing a dharma crown and a straight black robe said: “Although it is not the power of the promise, the Tao of the promise can accommodate the Tao of the broken knife, so it can stimulate the power of the broken knife, even At some point, the broken sword will be mended.”
Shen Tu Lun bowed slightly and said, “What the two Taoist brothers said is true. The breadth of Xu Ying’s mastery of the avenue is so wide that the avenue that was cut off by the broken knife was completed when he urged the broken knife. ”
Wen Nanxun wondered: “Then why didn’t Xu Ying take this opportunity to kill True Lord Yongle? True Lord Yongle obviously only had one breath left.”
Shen Tu Lun said: “Because he only has one breath left.”
Wen Nanxun felt quite regretful: “If Mr. Zhong and the Chaos Lotus had not escaped at that time, they should have been able to win the honor of killing the Dao Alliance Hall Master.”
Shen Tulun shook his head and said, “I can’t kill him.”
Wen Nanxun was slightly startled, not understanding what he meant.
Shen Tulun said: “Any attacks from that bell and that Chaos Lotus will be turned into tools by True Lord Yongle to weaken the power of the Broken Sword. Their attacks will only make True Lord Yongle’s injuries lighter and lighter.” .”
The old man wearing the miter smiled and said: “Even if it is a dying person at the end of the avenue, it will never be harmed by a Taoist master.”
When he said this, his tone suddenly became less certain.
Because Xu Ying is a Taoist master.
It is true that the power of the broken knife is incredible, but if it were anyone else, I am afraid that they would not be able to exert the power of Xu Ying’s knife!
“Fellow Daoist Shen, what should we do now?”
The woman in purple asked, “We originally planned to rescue Xu Ying and invite him to join the Yi League and resist the Dao League. Now that he has killed Zhenjun Yongle and escaped, we have also lost an opportunity to invite him.”
Shen Tu Lun said: “Opportunities are everywhere, why rush? If the Dao Alliance loses a palace master, there will definitely be other palace masters looking for it. Fellow Daoist Wen, are you willing to joi