hree shadows in it, merged the three bodies into one, and sparred with the woman.

There is no better way to settle down than fighting, especially this woman, who has an amazing identity and background, and is currently the most suitable for a duel.
After the mysterious woman was awakened by his mantra, she was cold at first, then indifferent, and then silent. She didn’t want to fight with him at all, and she already knew that she was no match for him.
However, the more reluctant the other party was, the more Wang Xuan tried to wake her up and kept reciting the mantra of the gods to keep her conscious throughout the whole process and continue fighting.
He was in a state of great joy, disappeared silently, came behind the woman, and grabbed the back of her neck with a bang.
The “you” woman was enraged and forced to engage in a “friendly competition” with him.
/The two are fighting in the same realm. The stone slab is very special. It has been verified by the Lusha Nirvana Dojo that even the new saint can be pulled into the same realm and compete with the shadow at the same level.
When Wang Xuan attacked her with his newly realized feathered immortality, the woman was very surprised. As powerful as she was, part of her body was “feathered” during the battle, and it took a long time to recover.
“How can I make you stronger? It would be better if I had four shadows.” Wang Xuan fought with her for three days in a row to consolidate his Taoism and stabilize his realm.
This was much more difficult than the duel with other seventh-level aliens, but he was still a little dissatisfied, and it was difficult for him to fall into a bloody battle of life and death.
This woman with a hazy figure and an extremely powerful aura was finally stimulated again after hearing this. She used to be unparalleled in her beauty and look down on the world. No one dared to underestimate her, but she was despised many times by a stranger from the seventh heaven.
“Find other stone slabs and merge with me!” She said coldly.
“Huh?” Wang Xuan was startled and asked: “There is a half shadow in the stone slab at the Lupo Nirvana Dojo. Is it also yours? With the two and a half here, can it be merged into four shadows?”
The mysterious woman said: “I don’t know. I’m talking about other stone slabs that contain my true blood. You can find them and fuse them with me.”
Wang Xuan thought about it, even if he found it, he would never let her fuse with the true blood before he became a true saint. Otherwise, who knows what level of creature he could create.
In this way, he and the woman played hundreds of “friendly matches” in succession, beating her until she couldn’t bear it anymore. His endless entanglement made her empty and super strong aura break down.
The mysterious woman was repeatedly provoked and turned into a furious female war goddess, just like the Lord of the Gods resurrected, fighting bloody battles with Wang Xuan.
/She thought this person had gone too far. If she ignored him and did not join the war, this young man from later genera