ng about life in a daze. In front of him, Lao Wang next door was sitting cross-legged on the Chaos Holy Lotus, flowing out billions of rays of light, shining in all directions.

There is also a picture that allowed many people at Source No. 3 to break their defenses. Xu Jingyue demonstrated tea art for Wang Xuan, personally making tea, pouring tea, and serving it with crystal clear white hands.
What’s especially outrageous is that there is also a caption: Your goddess, my king’s maid.
/In the No. 3 local area, a group of radicals were stimulated and issued a message, wanting to go on an expedition, calling the people from the No. 1 and No. 2 extraordinary sources to engage in a large-scale fight and a life-and-death confrontation.
In fact, due to the strong-willed mentality, many extraordinary people in No. 3 even became less hostile to the mysterious Wang Xuan. The more they quarreled, the more they felt that this person was amazing.
After all, quasi-sages like Li Dao and Xu Jingyue, extremely talented Lu Breakers, were manipulated and surrendered by the old king of the universe next door, which really caused a huge shock in their homeland.
At the Huaguo Mountain Dojo, Wang Xuan rubbed the purple gourd in his hand. He didn’t think it was anything at first, but he couldn’t help but get angry when he touched it, so he went to barbecue the golden holy sheep. The top management of Source No. 3 is really shameless. All the good fortune in this authority has been absorbed. This is looking down on him and throwing out a useless gourd.
“It turns out that the great wonder that grew out of the core of Source No. 3 is this kind of gourd.” Wang Xuan gnawed on the saint-level mutton chops while tracing back to the realm of great escape.
Now, his wanderings include the Cause and Effect Sutra, the Cicada Sutra of Destiny, the changes in the void, etc., which are becoming more and more unpredictable.
He vaguely saw that in the center of Source No. 3, there were a total of 14 ancient vines, including metal vines, stone vines, etc., each with a gourd.
However, he vaguely sensed that three vines were empty, the gourds had been picked away, and there were still 11 gourds left.
“Transcendent Source No. 3 is indeed very powerful. It even has more authority than Source No. 1.”
The purple gold gourd in Wang Xuan’s hand makes a clanging sound when knocked. It is a super banned material. In terms of material alone, it is very rare and can be used as a rough embryo of a treasure.
“The bear also wants to taste the golden holy sheep.” The mechanical bear looked at the campfire, holding his chin, very envious and a little greedy.
“Then transform into another form and survive a catastrophe, taking the path of flesh and blood.” Wang Xuan suggested.
/“Forget it then. In fact, many super metals are also very delicious.” Mechanical Bear said.
Wang Xuan was dumbfounded and casually threw the purple gourd to it and said, “You actually want to eat this, right?”
“Although I really want to eat it, I can’t bear to part with it. This is the ho