this kind of bug is very strange, contains a lot of mysterious factors, and is very beneficial to his body.

These bugs are much stronger than ordinary elixirs.
“I’m sorry, Master Ma. I’ll use this bug first, and then I’ll give you the demon fruit directly!” Wang Xuan said to himself.
After being replenished with new energy substances, Wang Xuan felt that his body was itchy and his skin was about to peel again!
In fact, it is not only the mysterious factors contained in the bug that are at work, but also a large amount of mysterious substances accumulated in his own body, which are now surging.
After a while, Wang Xuan took off his tattered clothes and shed a layer of skin. This time he had no peculiar smell and had a crystal luster.
“At the same time, I have also broken through to the Grand Master realm!” Wang Xuan silently sensed his own changes, slightly shook his five internal organs, and lightning suddenly flew out.
Then, with a snap of his fingers, a beam of fire flew out and melted a rock on the ground.
His body has undergone great changes, his physique has been greatly improved, and the secret power contained in his flesh and blood has surged, which can be said to be accumulated over time.
He estimated that if he encountered those aliens again, he would be able to deal with them, and no one would be able to escape!
“How can the Grand Master see so much? He is guarding the secret road to the dead, and is adjacent to the lairs of eight extraordinary creatures. Why should I enter the real extraordinary realm here!”
Wang Xuan silently realized that the increase in physical fitness was really great. He jumped lightly and disappeared from the place with a whoosh, much faster than before.
He accelerated several times, causing the Jedi to explode in the air, easily breaking the sound barrier.
There was a stone wall dozens of meters high at the edge of the Jedi. He didn’t swing his fist, his body glowed faintly, and he suddenly bumped into it.
The stone wall disintegrated, and a human-shaped pit appeared in the center area of ??the impact. From here, radiating outwards were densely packed with black cracks.
/Wang Xuan stepped back from the damaged part of the human form and fully evaluated his own strength. The golden body technique was quite terrifying, and his speed and strength surged.
He feels that he is much more powerful than the average grandmaster!
At this time, Wang Xuan was naked all the time, mainly because after being swallowed into the snake’s belly, the tattered clothes had a strong smell, and he didn’t want to put them on again after taking them off.
He shook his head and didn’t think about it for the time being.
He now has a strong urge to practice Zhang Daoling’s physical skills to see if he can achieve a breakthrough.
This is because his flesh, blood, and bones are all exuding strong vitality. His body is like a new life, and all indicators have been greatly improved.
The most important thing is that after walking through the Secret Road to the Dead Land, your physical body is sti