level was indeed different.

“It’s time for the Yuandao transformation of the Yuan Shen.” He muttered to himself, calmed down and continued his hard training.
He has scriptures and practice resources, and there is nothing he cannot endure. He silently comprehends, studies the scriptures, enlightens the Tao, and the Dharma, and tries to give birth to Yudao-like textures in his soul.
In the years that followed, Myth Center No. 1 finally got rid of No. 2. It had not been seen for decades, which made many people breathe a sigh of relief.
Counting from the departure, it has been 230 years since the Great Migration, and Wang Xuan finally felt that it was approaching the critical point and he was about to break through.
This year, Myth Center No. 1 suddenly changed course, changed its trajectory, and drove into the vast darkness.
/Five years later, it stopped. Is it a complete stop this time? Are you about to choose a new universe, or are you still just resting on the road?
Obviously, there is no way to refer to history this time.
In the following months, the Great Umbrella of Eternal Silence did not appear, and all extraordinary beings did not fall asleep.
Subsequently, there were endless sounds of various tribulations, because it has been 235 years since the mythical Great Migration. There are too many extraordinary people, and it is time for many people to break through.
Wang Xuan stood up, covered by heavy fog, and decisively headed to hell. At this historical point, few people would dare to go to such a desperate place again.
He would be very uneasy if he went through the tribulation elsewhere. After all, there were Lu Breakers and a group of supreme beings who might find something unusual about his tribulation.
In the human world, Xiaoyaoyou, Health Preservation Master, Eternal Transformation and Immortality, and Mutian, he has already reached perfection in the first five realms, and is about to enter the last great realm, Yudao.
“Lu Po, Qing Niu, Silver-haired Wei Luo, aren’t you full of praise for the rare medicinal soil and never forget it? I will keep them all this time and give you some more when the time comes.” Wang Xuan muttered to himself as he came to the deepest part of hell.
After Wang Xuan’s 6-Breaking Domain was fully opened, he stepped in the mist and stared at the deepest light source. He seemed to be closer to the boat and the area where the fragrance of tea lingered.
“After standing in the alien realm, can I board the boat in the mist?” He was looking forward to it.
/“It has been 235 years since the last time I passed the level, and the time it took was unprecedented.” Wang Xuan said to himself, this is the longest time he has taken to break the level, surpassing the past.
He stood in the depths of hell, looking at the dead cities.
All Prowlers are in a state of decay, their consciousness has been wiped out, and they have undergone a rigorous mythological formatting. There are no exceptions.
“Dear city lords, old friends come to visit, but no one comes out to reminisce about t