ipping, the blood was flowing, he was covered in blood, it was horrible to look at.

Even so, Zhu Juntang showed no mercy, looking at his miserable appearance coldly, and then arrogantly raised his toes with his slender legs wearing little socks and kicked his butt hard, causing him to hit the wall like a wild goose on a flat sand. On the top, the entire wall collapsed, completely burying Liu Changan!
The above are all the imaginary effects of Zhu Juntang.
“Grandpa! Don’t do it!” Zhu Juntang panicked and hugged Liu Changan’s arm like a baby, “Don’t torture such a cute baa baa!”
“I’ll learn how to bleat for you!”
“I’ll tear off your socks and skirt for you!”
“I’ll buy you some tape! It’s pink and has a fairy pattern on it.”
Liu Chang’an shook his head and allowed Zhu Juntang to hold his arm, whine and struggle with regret, just like Zhou Dongdong who didn’t want to be a first grader and insisted on going to kindergarten.
When he walked onto the street, Zhu Juntang stopped joking and just bit his lip and followed Liu Changan until he reached the subway station.
Zhu Juntang walked to the security check position, then turned back and walked out. She had neither cash nor an APP to install the subway code. What’s more, seeing so many people in the subway station, she thought about the countless people in the subway car. Zhu Juntang couldn’t tolerate the verbal exchanges from strangers around him.
/After walking out of the subway station and standing on the side of the road, Zhu Juntang snapped his fingers, and the nanny car that had been following him drove over.
“Go to school.” Zhu Juntang said listlessly. He originally thought he could do nothing for the whole winter vacation, but now he probably has to make up classes.
Mother must be very aware of Liu Changan’s identity, and fully aware of Liu Changan’s various entanglements with the Zhu family in history and his abilities. Otherwise, how could she obey Liu Changan’s words?
In the past, Zhu Juntang still hoped that his mother and Liu Changan could be together, but now it’s terrible to think about it. People can’t make decisions easily. Who knew that once Liu Changan and his mother communicated, the chemical reaction would be to torture Zhu Juntang even more?
/She was originally a carefree fairy, just a happy fairy sheep running on the green prairie, but now she has become a drop of pure and sad tears.
Blue thin, shiitake mushroom.
While you are still young and beautiful, take more selfies, especially your current sad and timid temperament, which must be like Lin Daiyu’s. When the winter vacation is over, you may be a lonely and lonely old nun with the Buddhist green lanterns always accompanying you. Same.
So Zhu Juntang took out his mobile phone and looked at the camera from a sad angle.
Liu Changan entered the subway station and saw that Zhu Juntang did not follow him, nor did he get out of the subway again. He insisted on walking to school.
He originally wanted to take care of Zhu Juntang. If he went to school with her, she would definitely not be able