acticing singing with Jiang Kui.

This made Jiang Kui become even more comfortable singing the song “May People Live Forever”.
It’s not just the singing that’s getting better and better.
Even Jiang Kui’s confidence in the Battle of the Gods in December has become stronger during the practice.
The biggest source of this kind of confidence is the quality of the song “May You Live Longer” itself!
Continuous practice, carried out for several days.
Lin Yuan finally stopped the practice: “You have basically mastered the song. Just practice it by yourself every day. We will officially record it after a week.”
Jiang Kui answered loudly.
Lin Yuan nodded and suddenly said: “What’s wrong with your eyes?”
Jiang Kui was fine a few days ago, but her eyes were particularly red today. Lin Yuan was worried that she was under too much pressure from practicing singing.
Jiang Kui paused for a moment, then said with a somewhat resentful expression: “I met Sun Yaohuo yesterday, and he suddenly kindly gave me a movie ticket for “Hachi the Dog” and said that this movie is very warm and healing. I wonder This is your movie, Mr. Xianyu, so I went to the cinema to watch it tonight.”
Lin Yuan:
Ever since “Hachi” was released, Lin Yuan has actually been paying attention to the response to the movie, including the fact that many netizens deliberately deceived people. However, Lin Yuan did not expect that there would be a real person beside him who was deceived. example.
He could only sympathize.
It’s almost December.
The weather is starting to get colder.
A weakling like Lin Yuan had begun to seriously consider the possibility of wearing long johns, but considering that winter had not yet officially arrived, he gave up the idea. Now that he is wearing long johns, what should he do in winter?
You can’t wear two layers of long johns, right?
/Lin Yuan could only put on a thickened jacket and change into a pair of velvet jeans. He was not particular about dressing. Although he was not so exaggerated that he dared to wear red and green clothes casually when going out, he was absolutely I don’t know how to study the art of matching clothes.
This is related to his family environment when he was a child.
As far as dressing is concerned, Lin Yuan was actually quite rustic when he was a child.
It has nothing to do with personal taste, but with the family’s economic foundation.
No matter how tasteful and elegant a person is, wearing clothes that have been patched and outdated for many years, and carrying a backpack that is obviously military green but has begun to turn white due to countless years of inheritance, it is inevitable that he will feel a little rustic.
Lin Yuan had no choice, so of course he didn’t care.
It’s just that Lin Yuan’s face has a natural handsomeness and temperament, which seems to suppress the rusticity to a certain extent. On the contrary, against the backdrop of this rusticity, it highlights a sense of refinement.
Today is different from the past.
Now Lin Yuan has made a lot of money,