into action and how to evolve a Lu Renjia safely and securely.

Various sutras appeared in his mind, and then he looked at the wolverine on the bronze platform, staring at his feather that stood alone.
“Brother, are you done? There are some new friends here who want to meet you.” Wolverine, the King of Five Elements Mountain, waved his hand and sent a message to him.
Because of Wang Xuan, his “business” was very busy, and many people found him.
At this moment, there was a box in the VIP section that brightened up for a moment, and then someone walked out, causing some people to exclaim and their expressions changed.
“That one seems to be a stranger!” Youchao Jueshi whispered.
“What, who is it?” This shocked another Chao Jue Shi. He did not expect that a stranger would be present. This was really unexpected.
“It seems to be Li Lin from Moon Saint Lake!” Someone secretly transmitted the message, but they did not dare to speak directly. To them, strangers roamed the stars and were high above them.
Wang Xuan turned around and noticed the movement at the VIP table. His expression was as usual, neither happy nor worried, but deep in his heart there was a restlessness and he could not be calm.
That was a strange man of extraordinary splendor. He had seen her from afar. When he was fishing in a foreign sea, he had caught all her accessories and clothes, and she still has a red-headed rope. Stay with him.
Li Lin is peaceful and quiet, her movements are a bit ethereal, and she is clear and clear, without the strong sense of oppression from strangers.
Although she is based in a place like the Bronze Arena, which is very rich in worldly atmosphere, she is not tainted by the fireworks of the world. She seems to be distant from the real world, and even has a sense of alienation.
/Perhaps because of this, the mobile phone Qiwu said that she wanted to enter the real world and walk through the world of mortals and fireworks from birth to death.
Wang Xuan was calm and thought it was no big deal. That day in the foreign sea, he passively fished for Li Lin, but did not actually catch her. They were far apart from each other, across the starry sky.
In the final stage, Li Lin appeared with a vague outline and wanted to settle accounts with her fishermen. However, the fishing platform was mysterious, the causal fishing rod was extraordinary, and the spirit disappeared, and she could not catch up.
/Wang Xuan was able to recognize her at a glance, mainly because the clothes and accessories on her body were so familiar that he had seen them before.
“What’s the situation? Why did she come here!” Wang Xuan originally thought that she was leaving the giant bronze palace, but why did she come towards him? She was protected by a fishing platform that day, so there should be no trace after the incident.
At this moment, he was indeed a bit smart, but he still had to pretend to be calm. If he got into trouble first, he would have brought it upon himself.
In the Bronze Arena, many people did not leave. They all looked over. A few people