o check this was thanks to the fifth-level bishop for not using a planet-level teleportation gate.

You must know that the daily flow of people at the planet-level portal in the main city of Bama is not a small number.
/Even if David forced his way into the alchemy pattern of the planet-level portal, he still wouldn’t be able to find out the exact destination of the fifth-level bishop. That would require too much work.
But the single-person portal of the Keith family is simple. It is estimated that this single-person portal is rarely used on a daily basis, so the recent usage records of a single portal are only two, one in and one out.
The time of entry coincides with the time when Qia Manor was attacked. Due to the portal itself, the information about the planet on the other side when transmitted here cannot be left.
The alchemy carriage of Chief Law Enforcement Chief Clarence arrived at almost the same time as the alchemy carriage of Duke Addis of the Keith family.
Duke Addis looked at the two lords in the sky, and his heart was full of panic. Of course he knew what his family had done, and he even took care of it.
The Keith family has been connected with Twilight of the Gods for a year or two. The family has received a lot of benefits through this relationship over the years, but has not paid much.
This time there was news from ‘Twilight of the Gods’ about using the portal, but Duke Addis didn’t pay attention.
But he never expected that just by borrowing the portal once, he would actually provoke two lords.
Who are these two lords? Lord Gould is currently very famous and is a strong contender for the Speaker of the Supreme Council.
Lord Arthur was even more terrifying. He was the one who killed many fifth-level Templars one after another. The top noble Maluk family was destroyed in his hands, and the Lyton family fell from the top noble position. The previous Speaker was also removed because of Lord Arthur.
Among the many top nobles, Lord Arthur, who has just become a top noble, is the most terrifying. No one is willing to be his enemy.
“Duke Addis of the Keith family has met the great Lord Gould and the great Lord Arthur!” Duke Addis stepped forward and bowed respectfully.
Lord Gould and David ignored Duke Addis. It was not the right time to greet Duke Addis at this moment.
“Chief Law Enforcement Clarence, can we start?” Lord Gould asked in a deep voice to Chief Law Enforcement Clarence.
“Lord Gould, are you sure you want to use this power?” Chief Law Enforcement Chief Clarence also did not look at Duke Addis, he asked seriously.
Chief of Law Enforcement Clarence knew very well that he could not refuse. Although he had the power to reject Lord Gould’s application, this meant that he would offend Lord Gould and Lord Arthur at the same time, not to mention Gould. There are so many allies behind the lord.
“Of course, I’m pretty sure that I will bear all the consequences!” Lord Gould glanced at David and then affirmed.
“Send an order to send a search team over to search Villa No. 12!” Chief Law Enfor