anged by Xianyu.

And this is the most convincing moment for myself as a singer!
He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
If there really is a Fish Dynasty, then the audience at this moment has probably become the subjects of the Fish Dynasty.
But some changes actually unfold from point to point.
Don’t forget the story behind the show.
Just before King Lanling was about to reveal his face, many people who were dissatisfied with King Lanling had already gathered into thousands of troops.
This was obviously not an orderly army.
Because their charge was already in disarray before it even started.
Things happened in a flash of lightning, at the moment Xianyu revealed his identity
Thousands of horses are silent!
The terrifying barrage flow is enough to cause trypophobia in some people!
The “Fish Daddy” that filled the screen at that moment could scare all the singer’s fans until their faces turned pale!
“Quickly retreat!”
Fans of the singer who had been attacked by Xianyu suddenly called out to all Aite members in the group.
The most powerful keyboard warrior can only break the keyboard in his hand into two pieces at this moment, facing a mountain of swords and a sea of ​​fire.
“Go to hell!”
“Everyone has to kneel!”
“Why is it him!”
“I actually followed you idiots and scolded Yu Daddy. Damn it, Mu Shi, Mu Shi is nothing. Labor and management are big fans of Yu Daddy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be treated like this!”
Singer fan base.
Large-scale withdrawal fever.
But within the Yuanxi fan group, the atmosphere was strange at the moment.
Even the administrators who danced the most happily before and organized everyone to attack some tribal blog or even the forum were confused.
Several core administrators in the group know this very well.
The riots by Yuan Xi’s fans were actually fueled by Yuan Xi herself, including Yuan Xi’s manager, who was dismissed from the group more than once.
the reason is simple.
/Yuan Xi wanted to use Lanling King to hype up.
King Lanling provoked too many people during the competition. If Yuan Xi defeated the opponent, the increase in popularity would be terrifying.
This is normal.
Many celebrities like to play this kind of hype routine. Prince Lanling handed out the ladder, and Yuan Xi just climbed up the pole.
But when things develop to this point, the backlash is the most terrifying!
Just because he is a fish
So Yuanxi is destined to fail.
The group is still in a frenzy, it’s already boiling over.
“Boss, should we still compete? If we compete on Xianyu’s tribe, we should compete on Xianyu’s blog. Xianyu doesn’t seem to be on the blog. He usually plays more tribes. I suggest that we join together.”
“A wave of your sister!”
“You must have a brain!”
“You don’t know Xianyu?”
“I feel so sorry for Fish Daddy.”
“Although I also like Yuanxi very much, there are many idols, but there can only be one god. I’m sorry, you can just play. I went to Yu Daddy to apologize. Besides, I am Yuanxi Hei now!”
There is also a large-scale