iter who can write a good song based on a theme in a short period of time must be a strong one!

All of you here are industry leaders.
No one wants to lose to others.
Next, it’s the keyword lottery.
/The ten composers whose names were read first were the first to draw lots, and Lin Yuan was not on the list.
In other words:
/This issue has nothing to do with Lin Yuan.
He can’t get his own keywords in this issue. This is also to ensure the fairness of the composer’s creative time, so he can just be a freeloader on the side.
Yin Dong’s name was read.
At this moment, Yin Dong breathed a sigh of relief.
Ye Zhiqiu next to him was delighted: “Yin Dong, what do you mean by being relieved?”
“Did I?”
“I don’t.”
“I heard!”
“Because there is no Yang Zhongming in this issue.”
The paralyzed Yin Dong said.
Ye Zhiqiu teased: “What a coincidence, there is no Xianyu in this issue.”
Everyone laughed.
Only Lin Yuan looked confused, not knowing what everyone was laughing at.
In fact, the reason why everyone laughs is very simple:
Yin Dong lost to Xianyu before, and people on the Internet were saying that Yin Dong was the new second best.
Under such circumstances, Yin Dong definitely didn’t want to meet Xianyu.
He just breathed a sigh of relief, and it must be because of Xianyu.
This is indeed the case.
Yin Dong would rather compete with Yang Zhongming than meet Xianyu.
But he would definitely not admit it easily.
With a cough, Yin Dong took out a ball from the lottery box with two words written on it:
Peach blossom!
An Hong immediately announced: “The key word Teacher Yin Dong drew is peach blossom, so for this episode, Teacher Yin Dong will compose a song with the theme of peach blossom.”
Ye Zhiqiu, who was next to him, raised his eyebrows: “Taohua, it seems that you are going to write an ancient song this time.”
Yin Dong nodded, roughly this was the idea.
Immediately afterwards, Wulong drew lots.
The key word of Wulong is “peace”.
“This program team still has some conscience.”
The expressions of the composers softened slightly. At present, these keywords are not tricky.
The keywords that other composers picked up next were not too complicated.
For example, “music”.
For example, “have a clear conscience.”
Most of them are words or idioms.
The most difficult keyword is “balloon”.
In the early days of Xianyu, there was a song with the same name called “Balloon”.
But suddenly asking a composer to write a song with the theme of “balloon” is really hard to find.
After the draw, Anhong led the songwriters into the small room.
According to the rules of the program, the composers will stay in the music center for the next few days, and their accommodation will be arranged by the program team.
Close the dark room!
Lock them down until they write a song!
The singers are always on call, waiting for the composer’s choice.
Lin Yuan doesn’t need to stay in the dark room this time, it will be his turn next time.
But even if it is Lin Yuan’s turn next time, Lin Yuan will basically n