ong mental perception, he can avoid danger in advance.

The flying boat rushed to high altitude, and at this time, there were weapons floating.
/On the dark golden bow of the ship, a flying sword rose up, with five colors of brilliance, mist of immortality steaming, and countless runes densely engraved on it.
At this moment, it soared into the sky and left the flying boat. It no longer stimulated the sword light, but its main body shot through the air!
The sky and the earth were actually trembling, and the clouds in the sky were exploded and disintegrated in an instant!
In a sense, it is the real flying sword!
Wang Xuan’s short sword does not have the flying sword rune. It is controlled by his strong mental power every time. It is not suitable for long-distance fierce battles.
This flying sword is so terrifying, it bursts out with fairy light. The runes burned on the sword body are extremely dense, forming light runes that linger around it, destroying everything, and hitting the battleship!
Even though the hull was made of the latest alloy material and was surprisingly strong, it was still chopped open, sparks flew in an area, and energy exploded.
“I’m going, what happened?!” Many people in the city on the ground exclaimed.
“Are you going to overthrow the sky? Just now, a warship seemed to be attacking the ground, and now someone is driving a flying boat, using the legendary flying sword to chop down modern military warships?”
In fact, from the terrorist attack just now to Wang Xuan rising into the sky and fighting the enemy, everything happened in an instant. Many people in the city on the ground did not react, and many people are still in a daze.
There is no doubt that this matter will spread quickly and ferment because the impact is so great.
The flying sword expanded rapidly and was now more than ten meters long, cutting the battleship and splitting it open. Not only that, the densely packed runes on the sword body triggered thunder, and with a bang, an area of ????the battleship was shattered and exploded.
At the same time, there were fire runes on the flying sword, which caused fire waves tens of meters high, flooding the cold metal wall and melting part of the ship’s hull.
Even Wang Xuan was surprised. How powerful was this flying sword? Far better than many magic weapons!
A very important area of ??the battleship was penetrated and completely destroyed!
Many people in the ship turned pale. What’s going on? Someone is slashing the battleship with a sword? This is simply the most extreme manifestation of cold weapons against technological weapons!
The sword light burst out, and the flying sword was originally very simple, but now it was extremely gorgeous, and it passed through the ship’s body at a very fast speed, with a smooth cross-section.
Near the sword body, there are countless streams of light, which are actually ancient characters. They are like a sutra, as if someone is chanting sutras. Accompanied by thunder and fire, the destructive power caused is extremely terrifying,