ing this team game.

“The Overlord is so strong!”
Lin Xuan couldn’t help but sigh.
/Lin Yao next to her nodded.
It’s just so domineering.
“It’s amazing.”
The mother, who is already a retired music teacher, said seriously: “Judging from the current performance of the competition, only White Swan and Lone Wolf have the hope of defeating Overlord, but even these two people feel a little worse than Overlord. This Overlord is like a singer. machine”
“Our King Lanling is also very strong!”
Lin Xuan couldn’t help but retort.
/She really likes Prince Lanling now, and the songs she has been playing on repeat recently are “Never Left”.
Lin Yao corrected the elder sister: “Prince Lanling is not from your family.”
Lin Yuan:
Prince Lanling really belongs to your family.
Anji barked twice, as if he wanted to say something.
Lin Yuan’s expression changed and he quickly stuffed Anji with a piece of ribs.
Shut up!
This dog knows so much!
at this time.
My sister shouted again: “Look, look, the golden arowana has revealed its face!”
Lin Yuan subconsciously looked at the TV.
Arowana has been revealed, and his identity is exactly what netizens guessed:
Chen Zhiyu!
Lin Xuan was delighted: “It’s really the second generation who has been born for ten thousand years!”
Mom said: “Chen Zhiyu was unlucky and met Lone Wolf, who was a singing king.”
Lin Yao said nothing.
After eating, he went upstairs to browse the tribe for a while.
The Internet is full of discussions about “The King of Masked Singer”, and there are many topics that Lin Yuan is interested in reading.
For example, people guess who a certain singer is.
It is also indispensable to bring out the promoted singers to compare their strengths.
There are now a total of twelve singers left.
Pretty much the same as imagined.
The audience’s judgment is based on the performance of the singers.
After Lin Yuan received the systematic singing skill bonus, because the difficulty of the works he chose was not particularly high, his strength has not yet fully exploded.
Because Lin Yuan sang a song “No Breathing” that tested his singing skills during the team competition.
Singing a song “Never Left”, he defeated the originally promising warrior Illaoi.
Regarding Chen Zhiyu’s unmasking, there is also discussion on the Internet
“Finally a fish has surfaced!”
“It’s indeed Chen Zhiyu!”
“Hahaha, the second generation of a thousand-year-old man!”
“He has retired, now is the time of King Feige!”
“There’s no suspense, okay. Chen Zhiyu’s choice of the image of the golden arowana is almost an obvious one!”
“So it’s possible that everyone guessed the other fish correctly?”
“Hahaha, let’s put it this way, besides Chen Zhiyu, several other fish will meet in the next issue!”
“Sea World!”
Lin Yuan suddenly became suspicious.
I might have a duel with a certain fish next time.
Because there are too many fish in the competition!
Twelve contestants!
Five are fish images!
The chance of drawing a fish as your opponent is 5 out of 12!
Lin Yuan patte