s year, Fish Daddy will definitely make a comeback!”

The real name of this group member called “Believe in the Future” is “Du Wei”.
Du Wei is a die-hard fan of Xianyu.
During this Spring Festival, he has entered his forties and is now the management of a company.
He can be regarded as a successful person in the eyes of ordinary people.
In order to support Xianyu, Du Wei called on many employees in the company to download “Dongfeng Po”.
As a result, “Dongfeng Po” still lost the season battle.
Du Wei was a little depressed about this.
/Red envelopes worth hundreds of dollars were given out in Xianyu’s fan group.
Then he turned on the music player and planned to listen to “Dongfeng Po” again before going to sleep.
As a die-hard fan of Xianyu, Du Wei has maintained a habit for several years by listening to a song by Xianyu before going to bed.
Although “Dongfeng Break” lost to Yang Zhongming’s song, this did not reduce Du Wei’s love for this song.
When Du Wei opened the music player, he suddenly saw such a headline on the music player:
“Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, compete again in the season rankings, Xianyu’s new song “Start Over”, if your heart is in a dream, it will be there!”
Du Wei’s body suddenly became hot and his eyes gradually brightened!
Xianyu’s new song?
The War of the Gods has just ended, and Xianyu just released a new song?
For Du Wei, a senior fan of Xianyu, this is undoubtedly a huge surprise!
There was no rush to listen to the song.
Du Wei directly forwarded “Start Over” to Xianyu’s fan group.
The fan base is also lively:
“Fish Daddy’s new song?”
“I originally said that the January season rankings were boring. After all, the battle of the gods is so exciting. I didn’t expect Xianyu to participate in the January season rankings at the beginning of the month?”
“”East Wind Break” was just released in December, and a new song like this came out in January?”
“Start all over again? This song title is so straightforward!”
“It’s so fitting to release such a song on the occasion of the New Year!”
“Then let’s start all over again with Daddy Fish!”
“Why are you listening to the song first? You’re stunned before you talk!”
Brush brush brush.
After the excitement, the group became quiet.
Everyone ran to listen to the song.
Du Wei didn’t hesitate, put on his headphones and played the song “Start Over”.
The early pace is very slow.
After a while.
A song sounded:
“All the honors yesterday
Has become a distant memory
It has been several years of hard work
Tonight we are going into the wind and rain again.”
The song title is straightforward enough, but the lyrics are even more straightforward than the song title, so straightforward that no one needs to interpret or associate it.
This song.
The person singing is Xianyu himself.
Battle of the Gods, three consecutive championships in broken dreams.
In the new year, he embarked on the journey again.
But Du Wei not only heard the story of Xianyu in the song, but also though