Everyone couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised.
Last time, everyone sang a bunch of songs for the Blue Games, and their popularity soared. Since then, everyone has been looking forward to another similar opportunity.
Now is your chance.
As for how much singing share everyone gets, everyone doesn’t care much. The main thing is this kind of collective Yu Dynasty.
Get the sheet music.
Everyone was surprised: “Korean song?”
Lin Yuan nodded: “Can you speak Korean?”
Everyone said in unison.
Lin Yuan nodded: “Then we’ll record the songs in a few days.”
Everyone nodded again and immediately hummed a few lines according to the music score.
A few minutes later, everyone exclaimed:
“This song is great!”
“The melody is perfect for the charts!”
“It seems that Mr. Xianyu’s winning song next month is guaranteed!”
“The rhythm is perfect!”
“What a sweet song!”
“The name of the song is “Sugar”. Can candies not be sweet?”
That’s right.
The song in everyone’s hands is “sugar”.
The work sung by the famous rock band Magic Red can be called one of the masterpieces of Magic Red.
Originally only the lead singer was responsible for singing this song.
Lin Yuan plans to make some minor changes to give everyone a chance to sing the lyrics, but overall he still prefers the feel of the original version.
Wait until everyone calms down.
Lin Yuan said: “I have an idea for the MV for this song. Because Uncle Zhou’s daughter is getting married, I plan to take everyone to a surprise wedding. There will be a photography team to record the whole process.”
This MV for “sugar” is very classic!
The idea comes from a certain electronic music film called “Wedding Crashers”.
in mv.
The Magic Red Band, led by lead singer Adam, raids various wedding venues.
When the white curtain fell and the music started playing, the bride and groom and the guests all started to get excited and dance to the music.
Lin Yuan found this idea very interesting.
/As a semi-realistic MV, it can well promote the sales of songs on the season charts.
The most important thing is that he can use the creativity of the original song MV to surprise Lao Zhou and his daughter.
As Lin Yuan finished speaking, everyone was amazed by this idea!
“It’s so romantic!” Wei Hao Yun praised.
“What a great idea!” Xia Fan, who had been in a bad mood recently, couldn’t help but smile.
“I play the guitar!” Chen Zhiyu volunteered.
“My bass is okay!” Sun Yaohuo also looked forward to it.
“I can also play some synthetic instruments!” Jiang Kui said not to be outdone.
Zhao Yingchrome said excitedly.
Everyone couldn’t help but get excited to try it.
After the discussion, Lin Yuan told Lao Zhou his thoughts. This matter required Lao Zhou’s cooperation.
“Then thank you so much!”
When Lao Zhou heard this, his face flushed with excitement: “Uncle Zhou owes you a favor!”
“You are welcome.”
Lin Yuan waved his hand and said.
The following days.
Lin Yuan felt like he was going to be brainwashed by “peeling a coconut, but you gave me a pea