no need to talk nonsense about things that are destined to be slapped in the face. Compared with the damage caused by a slap in the face, the tribe’s wave of undermining the fire is really fatal!

The price has been paid.
The alliance’s website traffic is declining day by day, and the decline is very obvious.
Every day when the Shinigami primary school student updates, the traffic can jump up.
This is more and more proof that the entire website is supported by the Shinigami schoolboy.
It’s like everyone on the website is parasitic on the body of the Death God primary school student.
No one bothered Jin Mu anymore.
The website has really given up.
Destroy it.
At this time, perhaps only Han Jimei is still struggling to support herself.
Han Jimei cheers up the editors every day and warms up some chicken soup for the soul, such as “We will definitely be able to discover some great new talents.”
Although somewhat unrealistic
What if a genius similar to the original shadow really appears among the low-level cartoonists in the league?
It’s a pity that everyone knows that this is a one-case scenario.
Even if this “in case” really happens, with the league’s current traffic, can it really retain such a talent?
Genius did not appear, but some cartoonists who were attracted by the alliance began to give up.
/To put it simply, the eunuch dropped his own work.
Website traffic is too low!
No one reads their work at all!
Netizens basically open the website to see the updates of “Detective Chu Yu” and then close it.
A twist of the head.
Everyone went to Tribe Comics to look for popular comic books there.
There are only a few readers, so the cartoonists in the alliance have no motivation to update.
Chronic death.
But there will be no real death.
After all, there will always be people chasing updates on this website until the Shinigami Elementary School is finished.
A more accurate description would be “living on for a while”, the death-god primary school student trying to hold his breath for the website.
Even Han Jimei stopped encouraging the editors below.
Because she knows that it is no longer realistic to expect editors to discover new talents.
But she still didn’t give up!
She was desperately trying to contact the cartoonists she knew from her previous job at Tribal Comics.
She worked hard to convince them to come to the Alliance to serialize a new work!
she longs for two
Two is too luxurious.
Just have one person.
She longs for a great cartoonist to lend a helping hand, so that he can at least help the alliance fill one of the holes!
This behavior has seriously violated her personal work ethics.
Before that, she didn’t want to poach her old club, and she even resisted such a thing from the bottom of her heart.
But now she can’t control so much!
She just wanted to save the website’s losses, submit a resignation, and leave the circle.
Han Jimei has a strong self-esteem.
She no longer has the face to stay in the alliance.
Ye Shenchen and Tianmen’s betrayal was due to Han Jimei’s