n’s magic power and made Yang Jian a mortal.

in this process.
Roaring Sky Dog loyally protected its master, but was also beaten to the point of dying.
In fact, if it weren’t for Roaring Sky Dog, Chen Xiang might have killed Erlang Shen.
after all.
Although Roaring Sky Dog targeted Chen Xiang in every possible way because of Erlang Shen’s order, he was actually not bad and never really killed Chen Xiang.
Chen Xiang knows this, and so does the audience.
Roaring Dog is a good dog.
The plot has progressed to this point, Erlang Shen has betrayed everyone, and his cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness have been repaid!
Even the Meishan brothers who were obedient to Erlangshen stabbed Erlangshen in the back!
It turns out that the Meishan brothers can no longer stand Erlangshen’s behavior.
Only the Roaring Sky Dog is left.
He never leaves Erlangshen.
Foolish loyalty.
Erlang Shen wanted to pray to the Queen Mother for help, but the Queen Mother abandoned him.
Erlang Shen, who has lost his magic power, has lost his use value.
And because Erlang Shen killed the fourth princess of the East China Sea and violated heaven’s rules, heaven could not tolerate him.
Erlangshen is beyond redemption!
He lost his powers and was covered in bruises.
In order to eat, he humbled himself and begged a farmer’s family.
At this time.
Roaring Sky Dog is already very hungry.
Yang Jian snatched a piece of steamed bun, but was reluctant to eat it himself. Instead, he gave it to Xiaotian Dog.
The barking dog wolfed down the food.
The farmer who had the steamed buns taken away punched and kicked Erlangshen, but Erlangshen hugged him and did not let go, and just told the roaring dog to eat it quickly.
It turns out that this farmer is transformed from the land!
Erlang Shen, as the god of justice, is ruthless in his work.
His reputation in the Three Realms has long been bad, and almost everyone wants to kill him.
Tu Tu deliberately took this opportunity to beat Erlang Shen severely and express his resentment!
After this episode ends.
Lingkong’s assistant suddenly said: “Whitewash?”
How could a person as bad as Erlang Shen prefer to starve himself or even be beaten by farmers, but also let Roaring Sky Dog eat a few bites of steamed buns?
Ling Kong didn’t speak.
The assistant burst out laughing!
Lingkong said angrily: “Why are you laughing?”
He was a little uneasy because he felt sorry for Erlang Shen just now, which was a sign that something was wrong.
Could it be that Yi An wanted to clear Erlang Shen’s name?
When Erlang Shen was in despair, did he repent?
The assistant seemed to have seen through everything, and said with a deep look: “You should be worried that Yi An will clear Erlang Shen’s name.”
“Is not it?”
/Ling Kong frowned and did not deny it.
If Yi An really cleans up Erlang Shen, although “Lotus Lantern” will still be scolded, his effect on Xingguang will be greatly reduced.
/“You are wrong this time, Mr. Ling!”
The assistant’s eyes lit up: “But this is also the brilliance of Yi An. Although this person’s beh