at accident happened?”

Outside the Bird’s Nest.
Many people were frightened by this formation!
Isn’t there Xianyu’s concert inside?
Could it be that there was a fire or something like that at the concert?
Otherwise, why would so many ambulances show up?
“Kacha kacha”
There was the sound of filming nearby.
The reporter is here!
At Xianyu’s concert, there were many reporters at the door waiting for news.
Suddenly so many ambulances arrived, the reporters went crazy!
There is a steady stream of reporters arriving outside!
In the din of the crowd.
Numerous discussions occurred.
What happened inside?
If it was a fire or something, why didn’t anyone run out?
Xianyu is inside
Nothing will happen to Xianyu, right?
People’s hearts beat wildly.
“Some audience members fainted inside!”
Someone got the news and shouted loudly.
Passers-by were dumbfounded.
How many ambulances are needed if the audience faints?
The reporter was also confused.
It is not uncommon for audience members to faint during concerts.
Well-informed journalists are not surprised.
But no matter how crazy the concert is, at most a few audience members will faint.
Someone fainted at the Xianyu concert. Why did so many ambulances come?
The scale is terrifying!
How many people fainted like this?
“Send the news!”
The reporters responded very quickly!
/Just a few minutes.
There are countless news feeds on the Internet:
“An audience member fainted at the Xianyu concert. The exact number of people is unknown at the moment. Major hospitals in the surrounding areas have sent medical teams to the scene for reinforcements.”
At this time, it was about ten o’clock.
There are still many people on the Internet discussing the Xianyu concert.
“It’s almost over now.”
“It’s a pity that I couldn’t go to the scene.”
“I can’t buy a ticket.”
“Next time Xianyu holds a concert, I will definitely grab it!”
“You really don’t want to be a scalper.”
“The fans at the scene are so happy.”
“I wonder what song Xianyu will sing in the concert.”
“It’s definitely going crazy inside.”
/“There was a live broadcast outside just now, and it was said that the sound inside was so loud that it was scary.”
As we were discussing, everyone suddenly saw real-time news popping up about someone fainting at the concert!
What is this?
Netizens were stunned for a moment, and then opened their mouths!
Pictures of the scene show that the location is outside the Qinzhou Bird’s Nest, with the cordon drawn up and countless police and security guards inside to maintain order!
The crowd is moving.
Doctors are also dispatched on a large scale!
Those who didn’t know, thought something terrible happened there.
After reading the cause and effect of the news, netizens were dumbfounded!
what’s the situation?
Audience fainted?
Someone immediately posted: “This shouldn’t be done at all. The last time I saw Fei Yang’s concert, two audience members did faint at the scene, but the medical team equipped at the concert was enough.”
What’s going on with Xianyu’s conce