royed.” Klein was like a homeless man who owed a lot of debt and felt that he had nothing to fear.

Of course, he did owe a lot of debt.
As long as he is promoted to a demigod and can hide his traits, the puppet can be thrown away. Klein looked around, bent down and picked up the silver necklace, walked four steps backwards, and whispered the incantation.
This time he did not enter by summoning a spirit body, so he could not return directly.
The gray mist quickly filled the air, and the hysterical murmurs and roars echoed forever. The Azik bronze whistle in Klein’s hand did not change, which showed that there was no big problem hidden in the body of the “Blood Admiral”.
After sitting at the top of the long bronze table, Klein placed Azik’s bronze whistle in front of him, letting Senior, who was wearing a dark red coat and an old three-cornered hat, appear beside him, like a butler waiting for his master’s orders.
“What other items do you have on you?” Klein asked. It seemed that the “Blood Admiral” was still alive.
He is trying to play “Puppet Master”
Immediately, he manipulated Senior and asked him to search every pocket on his body, and successively took out 325 pounds, 16 soles and 8 pence in cash, including thirteen gold coins.
Apart from these, perhaps because of the need to frequently transform into the “ghost” form, Senior did not carry any more items.
“You are so poor. A pirate general only has one magical item. This was handed over to the Rose School and distributed to his pirates.” Klein seriously considered whether to cash in the “Blood Admiral” through black market channels. question.
He is worth 42,000 pounds in Loen alone.
“Well, it is unrealistic to receive the reward from Loen. Both the Church of Storms and the Kingdom’s military are happy to follow this clue to capture Gehrman Sparrow, who caused many demigods to fight, and investigate the organization behind him. , I won’t give you money at all, and even giving it is a trap.
“For the same reason, churches and governments in other countries must have similar ideas, but their attitudes may be better. To receive the bounty requires taking considerable risks.
“And there’s no rush. I’ll send Senior out when I want to change the puppet. Anyway, being a marionette for a few days won’t affect his identity and value.” Klein retracted his thoughts and turned his attention to the puppet. A silver necklace with a pendant like an ancient coin.
He immediately used divination to roughly grasp the origin and function of the necklace:
/It originated from a Sequence 5 “winner” of the Life School. After this gentleman died in the hands of the Rose School demigod, his extraordinary characteristics, his own spirit, and an ordinary silver necklace he carried with him were combined to form a magical item.
Why was the ordinary silver necklace originally carried by a strong man from Sequence 5? It was because too much time had passed and things were contaminated, so Klein could not get any effective enlightenment.
This magical item has two functions. One is