ed. Who would have thought that his becoming the brilliant Xiaoqu dad was actually just a helpless decision?”

“I don’t feel helpless, but I feel open-minded. This is the great state of life!”
“I have to say, Xianyu is really awesome!”
“Lin Yuan admires the fish, then retreat and build a net, and harvest these fish as a father!”
“Xianyu is so brave!”
“Master Yanzi is so awesome, he can interpret this!”
This interpretation was directly recognized by all netizens!
After understanding the meaning of this sentence, netizens felt the terror of Xianyu even more!
The talent and determination revealed by the word “Xianyu” are extremely astonishing!
And at home.
Lin Yuan looked at the interpretations of netizens and felt somewhat at a loss:
Linyuan Xianyu might as well retreat and build a net. How can this be explained?
Maomao was confused.
/Of course it has nothing to do with the regret of not being able to become a singer.
Lin Yuan debuted under the name Xianyu just because he liked this sentence.
However, when Lin Yuan saw the interpretation of netizens, even he couldn’t help but wonder, did he also have such a meaning in it?
What they said makes so much sense!
All right.
The so-called Lin Yuan and Lin Yuan.
This is a vulgar homophone!
Lin Yuan simply liked this sentence, and at the same time, he thought the name “Xianyu” sounded pretty good.
However, netizens don’t think so!
After listening to Yanzi’s interpretation, combined with Xianyu’s own experience, the more everyone thought about it, the more it made sense!
This is the truth!
This must be the truth!
Very soon.
This interpretation of the fish has become popular with the phrase “If you are facing the fish in the Yuan, it is better to retreat and build a net”!
Countless netizens forwarded it one after another!
No one doubts that this is an over-interpretation.
Everything corresponds to this sentence, it can be called a perfect closed loop!
The key is
Netizens were so moved by the content they imagined!
There are even a lot of “feeling sorry for Xianyu” voices on the Internet!
“A little tearful.”
“It’s really not easy for Fish Daddy.”
“Perhaps it is precisely because of such ups and downs that he has developed Fish Daddy’s unique talent!”
“Yu Dynasty, and even every singer who collaborates with him, is the throat Xianyu chooses for himself!”
“Since I can’t sing, let the best singers from Blue Star sing my music!”
“Thinking about it this way, Daddy Fish is really too domineering!”
“Xianyu’s retirement has made many singers successful!”
“Even God couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally gave his voice back to Daddy Fish.”
The system expressed concern.
It seems that everyone likes this tune, which is full of dramatic interpretation and really moved Blue Star.
The media has been brainwashed by this interpretation, and they are rushing to report it one by one.
There are endless titles about the meaning behind the name Xianyu that makes people cry.
Not all of them are serious and moving.