’t forget that this day is still July 2 after all!

The release interval of these Xianyu songs is very short, and there are still nearly twenty-nine days before the end of the season chart!
There is plenty of time.
No continent can afford to slack off.
It is still unclear who will win.
At this moment, the season standings are in complete chaos!
It’s not a showdown between songwriters or even fans of singers.
It’s not even a duel purely based on the quality of the songs.
This is a showdown between continents!
The blue luck is the arena for all kinds of athletes, while the season rankings are the arena for ordinary people from all continents!
This is more exciting than the battle of the gods!
The number of downloads of support songs from all continents is extremely abnormal!
Everyone went crazy!
“Fuck them, we were the first to come, the Qin people keep their ranking!”
“We Koreans have lost so many times on the field. Are we going to fail in a competition like the season rankings that doesn’t depend on the strength of the athletes? We won’t even have a chance to take the blame!”
“Oooh, hohohoho!”
All continents were in a state of excitement, and the last howl could only be the wolf howl of Yanzhou’s grumpy old man.
The season standings are on fire.
In order to increase the ranking of their own support songs, some continents even started to join forces with other continents that were not ranked high, and they helped each other for mutual benefit, so that the season rankings became more and more unpredictable!
And among them.
The biggest beneficiary is obviously Xianyu, because all the top six songs on the July season chart were written by him!
In fact.
Even without the unbreakable championship status of “Qinzhou Welcomes You”, the ending would be the same.
It doesn’t matter which song wins or which song loses.
Anyway, any song is ranked above “Holy Fire”.
/Xianyu has established itself in a truly invincible position, which is called watching the situation with a smile!
He alone has reaped all the benefits that Lan Yun has brought to the music industry, but no one can do anything about it!
Who will break his momentum?
No one can break it.
Because Xianyu carries the power of blue luck!
It has nothing to do with whether one’s personal ability can reach that level.
To break his momentum is to face the national influence of the Blue Games, which is simply not something humans can do!
/At this moment.
The most stunned people are actually not the netizens from all continents.
Netizens are now busy ranking their own support songs.
What is truly astonishing is the music scene from all continents!
The Wuzhou music scene didn’t even have time to react.
One by one, they were all completely shocked by Xianyu’s six consecutive releases of Lan Lun songs!
Two days of work.
Xianyu single-handedly triggered the chaos of the five continents on the season rankings, which can be said to turn clouds into rain. He crazily harvested the terrifying downloads provided by the love of the continent!