es, you really can’t get the charm of this song.”

“But when readers who have watched Sherlock Holmes listen to this song, their experience goes far beyond the song itself!”
“It happened to be the day when Sherlock Holmes ended recently, and Holmes fans were full of emotions. Suddenly, such an excellent song related to Sherlock Holmes appeared, which directly triggered their collective climax.”
/“It is indeed a novel that directly triggered a parade of readers from all over the world if the ending was not resolved properly!”
“The fans of this novel are so fierce!”
In fact, the previous analysis by the music industry was pretty good.
It is very difficult for the song Xianyu to reach the top.
It’s not a question of the song, but a question of the audience for the work.
As far as music style is concerned, the dark and suspenseful painting style is indeed a bit niche.
But everyone ignores the power of Fu Mi!
It also ignores the influence of this song on Fu fans!
/What’s the point of taking care of this?
So what if ordinary fans don’t buy it?
It turns out that as long as Xianyu satisfies the fans of Sherlock Holmes, that’s enough!
Who says ordinary fans won’t buy it?
Ordinary fans also buy it.
It’s just that compared to Xianyu’s previous songs, ordinary fans are slightly less enthusiastic about this song.
The combination of the two finally formed a situation where this song reached the top
Xianyu’s six-game winning streak is here!
And this is why Lin Yuan insisted on not changing the song!
on the earth.
After all, Fu fans are mainly foreigners, and foreigners don’t listen to Chinese songs very much.
Moreover, when this song was released, “Sherlock Holmes” had been completed several years earlier.
Blue Star is different!
There is a connection between Xianyu and Sherlock Holmes.
Moreover, “Sherlock Holmes” has just finished, and the number of fans is terrifying.
Not to mention, there are no foreigners in Blue Star.
Everyone in this world can understand Mandarin songs.
With these preconditions in mind, are you still worried that Fu fans will not fall into the trap obediently?
Xianyu’s popularity lies there.
As we all know, charting is not just about comparing songs, but also about the popularity of singers and songwriters.
How popular is Xianyu?
Last month’s concert performance said it all.
For some fans, the songs sung by Xianyu himself are unconditionally supported!
This group is also quite large!
Not to mention.
Due to special reasons such as the formation of the world view, Blue Star’s artistic aesthetic is higher than that of Earth.
The combination of these reasons gave Lin Yuan the confidence not to change songs!
Facts have proved that Lin Yuan’s judgment and analysis were correct.
Someone may look calm on the outside, but actually he is panicking on the inside.
For the final twelve consecutive championships, Lin Yuan is now very stable.
So even though he said he wouldn’t change the song, he actually secretly prepared a n