cience fiction, Chu Kuang intends to enter the Weizhou market?” 》

“Chu Kuang Blog speaks out: Readers are allowed to choose the type of new book, and readers who want to embarrass themselves will be slapped in the face again by the old thief!” 》
Lin Yuan saw the news as soon as he turned on his phone. Chu Kuang’s return seemed to have caused quite a stir, and even the media was alerted.
Didn’t pay too much attention to it.
Lin Yuan went to the company after breakfast.
I’m not here these days, and there’s a lot of work piled up in the company.
Although the work of the composition department on the ninth floor is usually handled by deputy director Wu Yong, some materials require Lin Yuan’s signature.
“Representative Lin!”
Lin Yuan had just entered the company, and everyone who saw him subconsciously stood up to say hello, with admiration written on their faces.
“Good morning.”
Lin Yuan was saying hello along the way, and found that some employees were holding eggs in their hands when greeting him.
What are you doing with the eggs?
Special event for the company?
Walking into the office, Xiao Gudong also ran over excitedly. When Lin Yuan saw that the other person was also holding an egg in his hand, he finally couldn’t help but ask:
“This is?”
“You don’t know?”
Gu Dong got angry when he mentioned this: “It’s all thanks to Representative Lin’s good brother Chu Kuang. Many people read Chu Kuang’s novel yesterday and their eyes were swollen from crying. As a result, the eggs in the cafeteria were particularly popular this morning. , everyone uses it to apply to their eyes.”
Lin Yuan:
Do you want to be so loud?
With a slightly guilty cough, Lin Yuan asked Gu Dong to bring over the pile of work documents and signed various signatures without even looking at them.
Representative Lin Yuan is usually a signature machine in the company.
Wu Yong, the deputy director, basically handles all the work within the department by himself. Of course, he doesn’t expect Lin Yuan to handle official affairs personally. Anyway, the same is true for the departments that Yang Zhongming and Zheng Jing are responsible for. These Qu dads are all signature tools. The kind of person who doesn’t get involved in good things. If anything goes wrong at work, he will go to the deputy supervisor. He doesn’t dare to cause trouble to the three Qu dads.
It took an hour.
Lin Yuan completed the work that had accumulated for several months.
“It’s time to get off work.”
Lin Yuan muttered softly.
Gu Xi’s eyelids twitched next to her, “It’s better not to be too blatant. You have only been in the company for an hour. Why don’t you watch this video? I watched it in the middle of the night last night and found it very interesting.”
“This is a series of videos that have become very popular on video websites in various continents recently. It’s called “Central Continent People’s Reactions to Xianyu Songs.”
/Lin Yuan lived in Bengbu.
This thing seems to be quite popular in China, something like “Waiguoren’s reaction to l